$87,000 for FIRST And We’re IN THE MONEY! | Poker Vlog #432

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$87,000 for FIRST And We're IN THE MONEY! | Poker #432

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  1. Giving away $100 PAYPAL to someone who COMMENTS 10 TIMES below starting now!

    Ps. Ty Justin Escalona for the idea

    1. In need of a lil run good over here, thanks for doing so much for your community.

    2. Can’t believe you got action with KK and AA deep in the tourney short stacked, stuff of dreams.

  2. Congratulations bro Ethan hit 150K subscribers. Let’s go to 200K level. Good luck 🍀 on WSOP tournament started yesterday.

  3. I love your content brother. I hope I get to meet you. Wolfgang and Mariano one day so we can all become best friends lol. I look forward to my noti Bell going off. I watch every video. Thank you for keeping me entertained

  4. Yea buddy! Your analysis of the game is impressive! I know you’ll keep grinding. ……Till Tuesday!

  5. Ethan, my friend, I know it’s hard to lose tournaments, especially when you’ve invested all those hours in them, and you’ve had the taste of winning some big ones. If you were in a cash session and netted $3500, you would be pleased. Allow yourself to feel your success while you keep striving for the next bink. Keep on plugging away, tourney grinder!

    Josh in Wisconsin

    1. @Nick LaBrec I’m not saying he should think that way during the tournament. I love his aggressive play and his tourney play has improved greatly over these couple years. I was referring more to his mindset after his tourney ended. Of course he should be upset he lost but damn he won 4x his money. That’s his living. Sometimes singles and doubles are ok even though we all want to hit homers every at bat.

  6. Love the tournament vlogs man, love to see you grind. What are your WSOP plans?

  7. Definitely felt like you should’ve bluffed that pocket 7s hand. QJ was a bad punt, but I understood what you were trying to do there. You’ve got game. Love watching, better luck in the next one. Cheering for you bro!

  8. Great video, glad you enjoyed Cherokee so much, wish I could’ve made it down to meet you. Keep the head up, play the long game and it sorts itself out. By the way, what app did you check your play on near the end?

  9. haven’t been a fan for long. watching you does make me feel old. no surprise there I am 40. 😂 but it is good to live thru your videos. my grind is work and bills and kids. lucky in life and not so much in poker

  10. Let’s goooooooo,,,,! Such fun watching your play, great job on the editing- it must take ages!

  11. good run!… you did pretty good we all feel like ” i shouldve done better” but then realize.. you did very well to run deep.!.. you put quite a few bad beats others but picked up many monsters!.. tournys get in our heads for sure 👍🏻

  12. I was in Cherokee playing some smaller tournaments and wanted to say “hi” but never got the chance. You were actually on stage with a couple of my local poker buddies in the main. Next WSOP in Cherokee will be in August. Hope to see you then!

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