$826,000 Pot!! JRB 5-Bets and Then THIS Happens…

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Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby
Partner Producer: Neve Levy
Audio Service Technician: Gerry Feldman
Graphics Specialist: Mike Peluso
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez
Animation: Alejandro Indriago
Gambling Establishment GM: Shaun Yaple
System Engineer: Brett Drolet
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl
Special Thanks to the Flynt Family

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$826,000 Pot!! JRB 5-Bets and Then THIS Happens…

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  1. Had this on at work live. Everyone was screaming at JRB to bet and we all yelled when the ace came on the river.

    1. Haha so painful. Then to represent it it. Musta been hard to stare at that board, but man ir His plan was to flop a set or win preflop and check to a jack high board then he needed a drink😅

    1. ​@Ron absolutely impossible to fire that flop, which hits quite well the range of the caller.

    2. ⁠​⁠​⁠@MarcoMate87 True, but the river bet I don’t get. What better hands is he trying to fold out, TT, QQ? Another strange line from a guy who plays with other peoples money😊

    3. @MarcoMate87 should of just checked the river and folded any bet. He Couldn’t beat anything on that board

    1. He went to bluff the Aces thing in the end, but opponent has some A K. He really fkup😂

    2. You’re not bluffing there with 66. The only reason to bet is equity protection. You’re never going to get better than 66 to fold on that flop or turn. That said i love an equity protection bet against 2 overs on the turn. A nice 125-150k bet should do the trick.

    3. @Sam correct you should basically never be 5 betting 66 this deep. It’s a super low frequency play that’s done in the name of balance which honestly can be done 0% of the time and be just fine.

    4. JRB probably knew with his reputation it’d be hard to get anything that would reasonably call a 5-bet to fold on that flop and turn. Im guessing JRB put Rob on 1010-QQ (wrongly but makes sense given his own action). His river bluff was ill-timed given Rob’s hand was pretty face up after checking back both streets. But yeah ultimately the lesson here is not to 5-bet with 66

    1. I would’ve called. Any Jack, 9, Ace, or King wins me the pot.

  2. You can’t play any worse … unbelievable!! … hey JRB … next time just light 400K in fire 🔥 what a gift 🎁😅🤣😅

    1. He ended up up I think for the games. Was playing a little scared but that’s a lot of money most were that weren’t staked.

  3. JRB misplayed his hand literally on every street. Overplays a marginal hand preflop and then proceeds to check flop and turn . His story is that he has QQ-AA. He wouldn’t be checking if he had a premium PP. And then he stabs at the river when it’s pretty obvious Yong has AK or AQ in a 5-bet pot having checked back the flop and turn.

  4. 5 bet and check check wtf wrong with jrb, he is not calling 200k with AJ or Q10

  5. I would’ve just jammed all-in if I were Rob. Calling such a chunky bet without the initiative is just lighting money on fire.

  6. seeing this makes me think I can take on some pros, what is he doing 5 bet , then giving AK free cards by checking into a river Ace before he bets ?

  7. and this is why noone bluffs with pocket 6s you have to keep bluffing at it

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