$80,000 In The Middle and I Only Have JACKS! One of The Biggest Pots of My Life! | Poker Vlog #474

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  1. Man I couldn’t imagine the swings of the games you play I get mad when I lose $50 lmao

    1. When you cake over 150k a year from YouTube, probably makes the swings a little easier to stomach haha

    2. @Entity Experience I mean if your getting tilted over a 50 dollar loss you aren’t a good poker player I understand if he does it purely for entertainment

    3. @Posspop I don’t understand why you’re conflating how you react to losing money with not being a good poker player, do you ever enjoy losing money? I’m sure Garrett doesn’t want to lose $50 either

    1. That’s because they chop it up after the game…. Makes for good content….

  2. I’ve been watching for a while now and this is by far the best you’ve played. You are on some kind of heater Ethan congrats to all your hard earned success you deserve all of it!!

  3. I remember when 1-3 games made you a wreck now look well played Ethan!

  4. Sick run I can’t wait until I get to those stakes I’m moving to Vegas

  5. I wouldn’t call it a sun run. Its critical poker thinking that’s getting you paid against a known opponent. Thanks for the video. 10/10 like always

  6. YES!!!! The call omg well played, on both sides holy crap what a game this was thanks for sharing it WOW!

  7. What a huge home game! I have to live my poker dream out by watching your vlogs. My run good sucks. I played at the Aria this weekend and 2 times flopped K- high flush and lost both. Good work!

  8. I’ve been waiting for this video after watching Mariano’s vlog of this home game! Great vlog!!

  9. This was a fun/interesting night. It was great playing with you. Good luck in the future and hope to play with you again soon!

  10. Your LA trip vlogs were fun to watch!! Great call with JJ against Mariano ~ what a hand!! Keep up the good work!

  11. Love these home game vlogs! I remember this game and hand from Mariano’s vlog — nice to finally see on your end! Keep it up.

  12. Your play and thought process is visibly improving … feel like a proud uncle, keep learning keep improving

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