$700 pot with Pocket Queens. Poker is hard… #Shorts

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$700 pot with Pocket Queens. Poker is hard… #Shorts

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  1. That’s an easy call. You block the nuts and they have so many 10X and flush draws here.

    1. @StuUngar you have 3:1. The price is too good. Why would a set donk jam? I’ve seen this 1000 times at lowstakes. People who don’t want to see an Ace on the turn get scared and rip it

    2. @Jack Bittker I don’t disagree that you might see that kind of bluff online. You rarely see it in person, especially at low stakes.

    3. @StuUngar becomes player dependent a lot live. Some people always have it there. Seemed like this guy was a little wilder

    4. @Jack Bittker I dont disagree. But it’s going to be rare for someone to check raise all in on a flush draw at a live game unless it’s a tournament.

    1. Nah the way he said all in and he said hes just trying to make the vlog, it sounded super strong. I think if I had a Q diamond then a call isnt so bad but he didnt have the diamond so I woulda find a fold there.

    2. Dude it’s a 3! Pot multiway. 9 possible combos of sets, 2 combos of J10s, 2 combos of 10-8s 2 combos Q9s, 4 combos 79s. Those alone are already 19 value combos from the top of my head. This board smashes their ranges ffs. Love players who can’t let go of their overpairs. Juicy, juicy.

      Ps, you are aware some “combo draws” a statistically ahead of QQ?

    3. Nah, when he went all in that told me he had a made hand. Over pairs are not always easy to let go of.

  2. His speech gave away the strength of his hand. Fold when you hear ‘ I wanna make the vlog’ implying weakness. ‘I’m just chucking in this money, see what happens, just to be on the vlog.

    1. Wtf are you talking about? He said that pre flop with 97 suited. That is not a strong hand.

    2. @Jackie See but he says after going all in “trying to get on film” implying the weakness there

    3. Everything is easily stated after the fact. To speak with such certainty over things like this is moronic.


  4. Almost the same thing happened to me. I have pocket Queens in +2. Raise to $15 only the small blind calls. Flop comes
    9 9 8. He check i bet $20 he calls. Turn is a Jack. He leads out for $25 i jam all in for ~$200. He tanks then calls. River is another Jack. He flips over Jack 10 for riveted Full House

  5. Thank god you have all these poker pros and body language experts in the comment section telling you what you do wrong and how to play.. 😂

  6. Plenty you are beating if he is balancing his shove range with combo draws

  7. Too draw heavy to fold. He can have all kinds of flush/straight draws there as well as some 2 pairs you have some equity against

    1. Not to mention, even in worst case scenario like this, QQ still has SOME equity to make a higher straight.

  8. I see everyone saying call because he could have combo draws blah blah. In my opinion in this same spot, I would bet $50. Stronger hands than queens will raise for protection, drawing hands will maybe just flat. When you bet $90 drawing hands basically have to shove because how little they have behind. Hope my thought process makes sense

  9. „There‘s not really a lot that i can be ahead of here.“ Yeah, that‘s why you conti-bet the flop for value? lol

  10. Why are you betting 2/3 pot, 3 handed on JT8 two diamonds in a 3bet pot?

    The sizing here is pretty awful. Villains 3bet calling ranges smash this board, and it’s even worse when considering the fact that we are up against two players.

    In addition to that we are blocking some of villains common semi bluffs holding QQ, such as KQ. At least you’re not holding a diamond (although it is worth noting that Jd is removing more draws from villains range that we hope he is semi bluffing with) but still not a good bet on the flop.

    I’d be very tempted to check this board in a 3bet pot heads up and especially so when we are 3 handed.

    But if we are going to bet, a smaller size would be much preferable when considering our range v range.

    Something 1/2 pot or less, I’d prefer 1/3 or 1/4 if I had to bet. But as I said before more likely than not I would be checking.

    1. Totally agree.. Plus the board can get worse so better to pot control

    2. Agree, his sizing is awful. Starting preflop with the 3 bet to $40 – which is too light with a premium hand in MP…

    3. @Michael Rossi I disagree. At 1/2 poker, he could’ve raised to 75$ and they probably still would’ve called. If I was him, I’d just call the 10$. He can easily get value post flop at stakes these small. 2/5 or 5/10 is way different tho…….

    4. @Trevor Shoup omg what you just said was horrendous.
      Never flat call preflop with Queens.

  11. It’s a tough situation when the flop is like that, no king’ or an ace. However, when someone pushes you all in with such huge pot and you’re only holding one pair. Again it’s a tough choice to make.

  12. “When you are Strong act as if you are Weak. When you are Weak act as if you are Strong” – Sun Tzu, Art Of War

  13. Once the other raised it I would’ve folded you run into AK sometimes but I have also gone all in and came out victorious but in this situation you either fold or you go all in pre flop children. Maybe he won’t have the balls to call. If he does it’s a race and hopefully you win!

  14. He gave you two strong tell

    First ” i just tryin to get on the vlog ”
    = I shouldn’t call the raise with my hand.

    So no AA , KK , AK , etc ….

    Second = trying to get on the film

    (Lie) I AM BLUFFING my hand is so weak ( lie)


    But to be honest i wasn’t thinking about 7 9 until the end ,

    I was thinking about Villain having
    Q 9

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