$650 POT w/ POCKET ACES!!! #Shorts

Rosey in a $650 pot with Pocket Aces !! Our first YouTube #Shorts a lot more on the way!

$650 POT w/ POCKET ACES!!! #Shorts

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  1. My man’s was already reaching for chips before it even got back to him. 😂

    1. Noticed that right away. Don’t do anything until it’s your turn. Flipping your cards up to check 3 times could also be telling if you do it a lot. People notice things.

    2. Still got the pot, congrats. But yeah, even if I had pocket kings I’d fold IMMEDIATELY with your raise. But good win man, nothing better than taking money from a person who doesn’t know the game

    3. @James Marino he had AK. He wasn’t going to fold regardless. He has an aces blocker and he flips against anything but kk or aa

    4. Next Gen…is a tell machine….raise 12 dollars with aces …..lol…ur begging to get broke…only thing they show is wins with aces or kingz…lll

    1. This is the type of guy that never folds AA on turn or river. He be getting stacked more often than not

      Edit: These 1-2 1-3 games have a lot ppl
      Short stacking,it’s tough to beat the rake & ppl seating w 80-120 bucks

  2. Slow play the Ace King, no need to raise the blind. He could have had a chance to fold earlier

    1. @JamStar_Ent sure mate. You keep thinking slowplaying there is the play there without knowing the players. After an open, a flat and a squeeze. But sure, we could make a case for slowplaying when the opener is tight or sth.

    2. @Elior van klaveren Again Im commenting on the play of what occured on the Video.

    3. @JamStar_Ent I agree…a lot of variables while sitting…position size of stack etc…for me if my stack isn’t too small i’d like to raise enough to hopefully chase off some possible bs trash hands maybe get the bb / sb out of limping in and catching…if short statcked maybe all in…it’s always easy to talk about when not sitting lol…but slow rollin is dangerous like tryin to slow roll rockets

    4. @Rafael Feliciano it’s fine for one re-raise to see where you are at but to re-raise all in is horrible play

    5. @jewsco  normally i wouldn’t oppose this, but I say to slow play cause he’s the small fish in terms of chip count ($301 before any action) and looking at the video AAs and the guy who called 12 had way bigger stacks than he did. To accelerate the action so rapidly knowing that any reraise would prolly put you in all was reckless… and he paid big for it with his elimination (if its a tournament) or with candy’s college tuition 😅

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    1. @Tan N blu look lib lb oh I’ll lol lol oh oh k I loving like lol lvig ok voicing VCR boi hi lkkolo u piço norm has a new number of phone call 📞 and

  4. I love hands like this because you can keep raising the amount until someone goes All In or everyone gives up and folds before seeing your hand. Easy ways to win a fat pot

    1. @Beetlesiri if you keep raising the blinds before the flop, then you’re gonna force out a decent amount of player’s. I literally do it all the time

    2. @TheFungusAmongUs
      It is not the worst strategy, but there is still a strong chance the flop could wreck you. So it is a more risky strategy.

    3. @Beetlesiri true. But I never do it with bad hands. Either a pair of Ace’s or Ace King suited. Then you try to fold the table before the flop. If someone calls, you re-raise

    4. One time i did this with pocket kings. All in and a dude called me with a 7 3 off suit. Ends up some how catching a steaight on the river.

  5. This is hands down the best poker in game footage out there just from this one short

    1. @Henry Henry They can call the bluff and still lose because we have no idea what the flop will be. So I guess it depends on if they are willing to risk it. Its not a guarantee either way.

      But I’m guessing if they are calling it then they probably think they have something good. Its been like a decade since I last played

    2. @Johnny Slokes true, if they call they would have a good pocket hand, but the odds of having something that would be good every time are extremely low and betting high before the flop to try to collect blinds is very risky if you want to make money, I have played with people that do that to an extent and it doesn’t work most of the time because someone has a good hand.

    3. @Henry Henry I imagine that you would have to actually play some hands to mix it up a little.

  6. I didn’t even know wtf was going on yet it was still something I kept rewatching

  7. I had a similar hand 1 time. I had AA on the big blind, a raiser to the left to 6(mucked), another raise after that to 18(KK), and a raise after him to 36(QQ)…
    I push on the big blind, first guy mucks, KK calls, and QQ ALSO CALLS!! BUSTED THEM UP THE WHOLE WAY! I think thats my favorite hand of all time… I would’ve cried if a king or a queen hit that board

    1. @atheist45 you want to get it all in with aces. You beat all the hands anyone will get it in with (KK, QQ, AK, AQs, maybe JJ). The worst thing is is to let small pairs and suited connectors in for cheap and have the flop hit those ranges.

    2. @Kermit The frog Damn no wonder most people lose money in poker. Y’all have no idea how to play. I’d love to play against you

    3. @Jose L literally anyone trying to steal blinds and has a top 5 pre-flop hand. Textbook.

    4. You should always fold them preflop especially when you play at my table.

  8. You know when he saw that ace ace flip he was immediately sick to his stomach 😂😂

  9. I have no idea how this game works so I’m just cheering for him with a straight face

  10. I know his tell guys. Every time he pulls out his phone to film a TikTok he’s got a great hand.

    1. Lmfao, unfortunately he probably records the whole game but that’s actually a good thing to keep in mind

  11. I have no idea how this game works so I’m just cheering for him with a straight face

  12. The legend of the winning Aces… I never saw one in real life but is glad to see it here after all this years

  13. His friends be like:
    “Gary, come on, we will always know you got a good hand if you keep recording your cards bro”

  14. I like how you said “I snapped called…” like there was a second option 😆😆😆😆😆🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. That was exciting. Guy was so confident before the flop too… been there done that but no way would I go all in especially with how you were reaching before it came back to you. Nice play though!

  16. This is why I love poker (I only play poker in games I’m not old enough but still) the fact that your luck can just go so your side is such a nice feeling

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