$630,800 Pot, Can Eric Persson Get Lucky? [HUGE ALL-IN]

is always in action, and on PokerGO's most current game program, No Gamble, No Future, he puts everything on the line versus Hanks, who tumbled a flush!

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$630,800 Pot, Can Get Lucky? [HUGE ALL-IN]

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  1. You know something, I’m starting to think this Persson guy isn’t that great at poker…

    1. He’s not here because he’s great. He’s here because he makes theses tables more entertaining and everyone’s here to stack him.

    1. Agreed. I love the announcers. Some of the best in the business. But, having said that, I don’t need to see them in the middle of a giant pot. Stop. Please, stop!

    2. Split mini screens, even though we like Gabe, we want to see the cards and players.

  2. We don’t want to see Jeff the announcer. It’s hard enough listening to him. We just want to watch poker.

    1. Was just going to comment the same thing….split screen is a dumb concept….nobody cares about seeing the announcers. I have a decent sized TV and can barely read the cards in split screen

    1. i agree…i couldn’t even see the cards, players, or the betting amounts! ridiculous

    1. With just a draw? It’s like 1:4 for the river. One bad hand for the Persson, that’s it.

    1. Lol, I want to see more of the commentators ! Just joking! Could hardly see the cards, and that’s the reason we are here.

    2. It’s ridiculous, can’t see the action on the flop and the commentators also don’t mention the action on the flop

  3. Ill try say it a little nicer than some others but yes please no giant spilt screen. Watching on my phone was not an enjoyable experience. The commentators do a great job on the mic we don’t need to see a video. A compromise you could overlay a small screen top right or left not obscuring the players or graphics and use it sparingly.

  4. Imagine CBS Sports switching to Tony Romo and his nfl commentator sidekick on a split screen as soon as Tom Brady backs up in the pocket to pass on 3rd and 8…..now keep imagining…because it never happens!
    Take a clue, pokergo….this is ridiculous.

    1. Lol what a terrible analogy. While I agree we dont need to see the commentary booth in a split screen it’s not like you still can’t see everything that is going on and hear all that’s said.

  5. Weird move, one of the 2 opponents likely has a better 2 pair, flush or set. Way to much involved 3 handed for weak 2 pair

  6. It’s rediculous to put a camera on the commentators. When the game is going on in sports do they ever put a camera on the commentators? No they don’t. This is very poor directing.

  7. Eric won an all in against hanks earlier in this session and made like 600k or something crazy, then he turned around and lost it all after that? I didn’t watch the whole thing

  8. The fact that the split screen is larger for the commentators than the players is so disrespectful. No one cares how they react to hands…

  9. Can we please get more closeups of the commentators? Like inside them?

  10. Finally the real Eric Persson makes his way to a YouTube video. Writing was on the wall for this vs. Hellmuth.

  11. I like Eric he brings fun to a table but in the long run his poker style would lose :p

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