$590,500 High Stakes Poker All-In Hand!

and clash in a massive $590,500 pot on Season 9 of ! Would you want to put it all on the line expecting a coin flip !?

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$590,500 High Stakes All-In Hand!

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  1. Phil Ivey face when he saw there hands is priceless! In the back of his mind he’s like I’m at the right game

    1. Then why does Ivey always play scared when he’s in these games? Some pro.

    2. For Real. i mean 300BB only hands supposed to call are AA and KK.
      QQ and AK are folds here for sure, but the person jamming can always have QQ and AK so yeah KK is the bottom of the calling range.
      But an exploitative adjustment can be made against super rich dudes shoving 300 BB with JJ and TT lol

    3. @Bud Fuddlackee. Sure Ivey is probably not as well studied on gto as these younger kids these days but calling him overrated is a joke. The man has 10 bracelets across many different formats of poker, is the biggest all time winner online (+19 million). Just recently won a high roller tourney despite not focusing on poker in the last 6-7 years because of his huge lawsuit.

  2. How could Stanley have so much time playing poker, while he has a huge business to run?

  3. Tang, that is nice of you to pay your employees seventy-five cents LESS per trip. Can you see you are struggling too

    1. why 75 cents less? what happened? Somebody has to fund the poker bankroll?

  4. And there were folks at the table wondering why they didn’t have a hand that time ..

  5. At least they spared us the time of getting it all in pre because all the money was going in regardless because of that first flop and turn 😂

  6. There’s so much new money in every level in poker it’s ridiculous but great time for poker pros.

  7. Garrets reaction at 00:28 listening to Peerson try to explain whether or not he likes Short Deck is priceless lol

  8. Gotta hand it to Krish, 5-bet ship into a billionaire who’s never folding with just TT

  9. Please upload the Bryn Kenny and Krish Menon almost million dollar hand…

  10. Fun Fact: Andrew Tang was the Co Founder of DoorDash

    That is why he has loads of money

  11. That should teach Tang not to call with AK when he doesn’t have much money in the pot. To hope for a coin flip when you’re not in a tournament getting blinded out is dumb poker.

  12. When all the stars align. Krish is a lucky man everytime I jam under pair always get pipped

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