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Executive Producer: Nick Vertucci.
Executive Producer: Ryan Feldman.
Head of Video Production: Kyle Ravreby.
Associate Producer: Neve Levy.
Audio Technician: David Olivares, Gerry Feldman.
Graphics Service Technician: Mike Peluso.
Video Production: Aatmaj Kapoor, Nathan Ramirez, Christian Pangrazio.
Animation: Alejandro Indriago.
Casino GM: Shaun Yaple.
System Engineer: Brett Drolet.
Production Coordination: Clint Santiago Dahl.
Unique Thanks to the Flynt Household.

$ 3.1 MILLION!! Tom Dwan Wins Greatest Pot in Televised Poker History.
Leading 10 Hands of The Million Dollar Game Day 1.
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$533,500 SHOCKER! Jungleman is SPEECHLESS!

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    1. Is there a worse feeling in poker when the uber whale who just donates to everyone ends up stacking you in a massive cooler😮😮

    2. It was glorious. I celebrated out loud when that J came, haha. Santhosh might not be a good player, but he is so much fun to watch. He deserves a big win sometimes. He’s donated enough.

  1. Robbie would have check folded the river with the lower straight

  2. J8off is probably the only hand that makes any sense for jungle against the professor. I think jungle would at least raise preflop a high percentage of the time with 910 of hearts. what is the professor really losing to? any set would defintiely raise that flop.

    1. You have to imagine he’s not bluffing that much. He led in to a ton of ppl OTT, and jungle is aware he’s repping a pretty narrow value range. Like you can say he’s going to raise sets OTF always, but he’s surely going to raise a lot of his really good draws OTF also? He’s repping a very narrow range of hands period, it’s not like he has 100 bluff combos and 8 value combos or something.

      It is actually hard to think of many bluffs he can have, and it’s hard to think of many value hands he can have. He doesn’t want to have hearts on the river, the best bluffing hands OTR are def hands that don’t contain a heart. Professor bet <1/2 pot OTF after checking in the straddle. He probably raises 88 sometimes, probably doesn’t raise 33/55. But does he really lead flop small with a set on that super wet board in to a bunch of ppl? Honestly stuff like 5xhh makes a lot of sense, or like A2hh A4hh? 67hh maybe? 97hh maybe? T9hh maybe?

      Jungle is absolutely absurd…I can’t possibly put it past him to have 33/55 here some % of the time. It’s probably not a big % but SOME %? If you’re Jungle you should be always bluffing river with 97 and 67 without a heart. Those seem like the two best hands to bluff with. T9cc for value given the tiny flop bet, two overs bdfd bdsd etc? That makes a lot of sense. So maybe T9cc, some small % of sets, and J8 for value? Then bluffs you want 67 no heart, 97 no heart…then I guess 64 no heart as well? TBH this is a spot where people just tremendously under bluff. On a heart river people like never bluff. But again this is the jungle.

    2. ​@BOnYTB I really don’t see Jungle playing set of 3s or set of 5s this way, limping preflop in the blinds and just calling on the flop to go 5 ways to the turn. There is only one combo of 910 that would make it past the flop, can’t imagine Jungle would float 5 ways to the turn oop with any other combo.

      I agree with your analysis on professor’s range though, especially when he called jungles turn raise, most likely a pair plus flush draw or combo draw type of hand. So jungles river bet is spot on, except the fact that the jack did improve professors hand. It was a good bet by Jungle, but then again professor can still beat some ace or king high flush draw or missed straight draw from jungle? Maybe Jungle think he could value bet if he hit a queen with a queen high flush draw at the end? Just so hard for professor to be beat except J8 and one combo of 910.

  3. I’d be so tilted if I got called down by King high and coolered on the river and have to see Santosh laughing like a dolt

    1. lets keep in mind the king high beat the 10 high ,so you was assuming you was ahead the whole time but you wasnt

    2. @@thavonephanthavongsa4962 thanks for the reminder, man. Santosh was definitely making a sick call down with King high in this hand knowing he was ahead of some of Jungle’s bluffs. I have a lot to learn from this play I guess!

    3. @@okseajhits santoshs range much harder too, could easily jam and flush card too. he has a lot more flushes by the river than jungle. two live overs, gut show straight draw. not just value but he has many bluffs he can bet too that would fold out jungles ace king, queens, jacks etc.

  4. Джангл в шоке, никак не ожидал увидеть там KQ😂

  5. Good work on not ruining the ending for us. I like how you guys changed the title and blurred out the last card. Good work

  6. Probably the 1st time a HCL video actually lived up to the hype-y title. That was brutal. Once he wins a few big hands, Jungleman starts to think he’s Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

  7. Imagine the dream of playing a table with someone fishy enought to call 55k with a gutshot straight draw and 2 overcards. Hold my beer-moment.

  8. It always makes it better when your opponent chases a draw that they never should have in that spot.

  9. Even if the Jd doesnt come on river I think Santosh is calling anyways 😂

  10. Love to see such heartfelt action players like Santosh get a proper early Christmas gift 🤩

  11. Shantosh is the guy who’s been punting off for 4 hours, then a new player sits down who plays normal, and gets hammered by shantosh playing 93 off hitting bottom pair rivering trips.

  12. I would never even look at a deck of cards again (for like 3 days and then my crippling addiciton to losing money would force me right back in)

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