$503,000 Brutal Cooler! | High Stakes Poker

Andrew Robl rivered the nut straight versus Brandon Adams on High Stakes Poker!

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$503,000 Brutal Cooler! | High Stakes Poker

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  1. Ever since he got coolered with quads, no one on the planet has run more pure than Robl.

    1. @matebreskovic5880  ummmm everyone gets 2 different cards. What kinda deck or you playing with?

    2. @@notallowed337 everyone gets same cards in the long run, don’t know if you are messing with me

    3. ​@matebreskovic5880 if we all lived a few thousand years. To think variance evens out over a 90 year lifespan is to not understand variance even in the slightest.

  2. Robl runs better than anyone I’ve ever seen at high stakes cash games it’s insane

    1. Dude, he doesn’t run better…
      He is probably the best cash game player in the entire world.

    1. Are you REALLY dumping the 2nd nuts on this board when 2 flush draws miss? Andrew has enough bluffs in his range to make this a call, easy.

    2. ​@@joshuah47He can’t even read the board but thinks he can put people on a hand.

  3. Why in the world would you bet with that lowest possible straight? I love trapping players like that.

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