$50,000 FINAL TABLE With Celebrities! $20,000 For First!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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$50,000 FINAL TABLE With Celebrities! $20,000 For First!! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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  1. Stop the Rampage hate! I remember when he first started youtube and was running/playing well. Everyone was supporting Ethan and what he was doing. Downswings happen, bad play happens, punting happens. Obviously what’s been happening has been a little reckless but everyone switching up is just weird.

    1. How’s it weird when he’s asking people to stake him? Elaborate on that?

    2. Couldn’t agree more. The rampage hate is CRAZY… the least we can do is root the homie on as he entertains us with his antics.

    3. Who cares what miserable people say on the internet?
      People will ALWAYS find a way to complain, its literally impossible to have only positive vibes.
      Just gotta learn to ignore them, simple as that.

    4. “Hey guys, I know I’m playin horrible, running horrible, but please donate so I can play higher stakes games”. Meanwhile he’s on vacation enjoying his best life. Pathetic.

  2. I wouldn’t give up on Poker YouTube, that’s gotta be a great revenue source. Maybe just go back to 5/10 for a while. You’ve been playing stakes that are really meant for the best of the best

    1. Rampage felted you huh lmfao giving advice to a successful poker player is hilarious can u give me an advice about my cars extended car warranty

    2. He really just needs to TRY to care about the money… And put in more time volume at the tables- cash and tourneys both

    3. ​@FentanylFloyd Yes, Rampage gets embarrassed regularly on stream and needs to be staked. “Successful poker player”. Get off your knees clown.

    4. @@FentanylFloydYou don’t need to be Phil Ivey to understand it’s a good idea to go down the stakes when you’re a losing player.

    5. @MrJoosebawkz  lmfao 🤣 a successful poker player u mean hell if he took ur advice he’d still be living at home go figure, but but but

  3. I have been playing poker for half my life

    You bluff too much. That’s it, there is nothing more or less you need to do than stop bluffing every single opportunity you get. Bluffing should be balanced not your usual resort tactic. Your opponents love your bluffs

    1. Pretty much this. I would add that there has been a lot less of it during the bankroll challenge, which has seen some overall solid play. It seems like a fallback position when tilted or stuck. I think he will be fine if he tightens up a little more until other players start respecting his bets again.

    1. Don’t encourage bingo boy luck boxing days are over … Deck isn’t bailing him out anymore for his bad decisions

  4. keep your head up man!! i love your content and enjoy watching you play.. haters are gonna always hate. stay strong brother

  5. How is this celebrity poker with no celebrities?? With that said….. great video as always Rampage

  6. I personally enjoy the touney vlogs more than the high stakes cash ones, especially when you go to cool places and unique events. Really hope you keep at it brother. All the best.

  7. Whether you know it or not, if they have enough tape, they can spot a pattern. See your tells.

  8. Remember it’s called beginner’s luck. Now you’re hitting the variant.

  9. “It feels good after months of getting it in way good of course to have my luck finally catch up…” 😂 I’ve coped this hard before
    Always entertaining and that’s why we’re here

  10. That’s how you start turning things around right there. Play a freeroll with no risk whatsoever and remember what’s fun about poker, PLUS make $3,500 in the process andy maybe that can help shake off some of those post HCL blues. Focus on the process, not the results and you’ll start to see wins.

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