$50,000 BUY IN! LAST CHANCE to get UNSTUCK – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 45

Today is the last High Roller of the and probably our final opportunity to get unstuck after a rough series. Plus a huge Chainsaw Corner in what could be the last one this year.

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Nbhd Nick – Excellent Die Young

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$50,000 BUY IN! LAST CHANCE to get UNSTUCK – 2022 WSOP Poker Day 45

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  1. David Williams knows what’s up, that’s definitely the key. From experience 😎

    1. Hahahaha I mean if you’ve had enough sex eventually sex tapes get leaked, just how it is

    1. hhahah i thought the same, gettin him in camera for a second was great 😂

    2. I heard Bonomo threw his phone through the room, tore his cards before he jumped on the table and tied his shoes verry aggressively
      (and all that whilst far more then 10% of the field was present)
      After that Bonomohoe went to his room, made 4 Accounts on Bovada and played MTT’s vs J. Schindler, B. Kenney and A. Imsirovic.

  2. This might be my favorite vlog of the summer so far. Had highs and lows, jokes, guest appearances, Chainsaw courting rituals, and ended with a bag for day 2. Bravo, LFG.

  3. After watching this entire series’ vlog, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m most impressed with Daniel’s ability to nap after busting out of tournaments. My mind would be stuck replaying all the hands I lost and there is no way I’d be able to calm down and nap.

    1. This happened to me yesterday after coming second in a tournament. Tough to sleep. Really is a skill to keep it moving. Still working on it

  4. for me the way Daniel entertains himself with people arround him its just mind blowing, everybody laughs ,destressing the atmosphere …its amazing , gg Daniel ,gg man !!

  5. Watching your live streams you seemed to do well in those tournaments… maybe what you needed for the WSOP this year was a hundred or so people on the rail yelling things at you like:
    “You are playing too tight!”
    “You are too loose”
    “Mike wouldn’t have folded that!”
    “You suck”
    “You are the greatest, I love you Daniel”
    “How could you fold that?”
    “You are my favorite poker player of all time – can you get me Hellmuth’s autograph?”
    “How do you win?”
    “Can you give me money?”

  6. I don’t know what my life will be like without my daily Chainsaw Corner.

  7. The amount of Daniels “hide the pain harold” selfies out there from this wsop must be astronomical, fair play tho for always having time n being courteous to the fans

    1. Why I could never be that guy. If I just dumped 6 figs no matter my roll I’m telling these jabronis kick rocks

  8. Another great vlog. Sucks to bust the 50K like that. Glad you had some fun in the HORSE and drank some beers.

  9. I have to assume that 1 or 2 spots against good players will come might be something to sprinkle some variance on. Also 50k on pocket 2s hes gonna call you with aj aq ak any overpair it seems like really small odds unless you thought he didnt have anything. Im pretty new though

  10. I am no way being critical or mean. Dan could out play me 9 times out of 10 BUT I think this is the worse Daniel has played in a series since he’s started vlogging. I have done nothing this year but shake my head at some of his play.

  11. Honestly the hidden treasure of this series has been the giant sign in the background of the drive in. Amazing

  12. I’m most impressed with Daniels mental game. To continually bounce back from the Worst Run of cards Ever Recorded A True Great

  13. An outgoing, brilliant player like Daniel was lightning in a bottle for the televised poker boom.

    Now he’s equally suited for a YouTube vlog.

    You got the skills, Daniel.

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