$50,000 Buy In and We’re All in First Hand! | Poker Vlog #482

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$50,000 Buy In and We're All in First Hand! | Poker #482

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  1. Great Content Brother!!! You’re giving Brad Owen a run for his money as far as quality!!! Good chyt!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    1. Brad Owen is a thinking player this clown rampunt overplays every hand prime example ace j hand …

    2. Brad Owen mixes a lot of comedic like content in with his blog. Rampage just brings the savageness. Both show real emotion. I like the amount of quality content I’m getting from Rampage.

  2. When you have preflop all ins and the opponent wants to run it twice you should tell them only if you table your cards. Might as well leverage running it twice to see their hand for the vlog

  3. That first hand with the shove all-in is so sick. Never in a million years would i be able to do that. Fearless and savage.

    1. He has no thought process besides I have over pair ” hopefully I am good ” ….

    2. @Simon wrong he didn’t shove for value he showed to bluff them off over pairs and sets better than JJ. Having two Jacks means villain will be unlikely to have nut straight but he is representing just that with his shove.

    3. @Anrakyr The Traveller exactly. He is never folding out sets or two pairs. Most likely he folded out hands he was already beating, like AT or KT

  4. Amazing run. I wish I could have runs like that! I swear I flopped K high flush twice the other day and pushed all in and my opponent had an A high flush both times. That’s the kind of runs that keeps me in the struggle.

  5. That first hand I dont think you were bluffing. He played that like A10 imo so you were bluffing with the best of it.

  6. I don’t think you can raise with 66 on that board against his overbet. His bet is very polarizing, as is your raise of it. He’s either folding or raising there, so raising accomplishes nothing. Similar to the last hand…

  7. Are you sure your first hand was a bluff? My guess is he had AT or KT based on your history.

  8. He didn’t have pocket 4s. I always feel they bluffed or had an ace when they muck then tell you what they had. It’s like ok buddy

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