$5,000 6-MAX Bracelet! – 2023 WSOP ONLINE

We're back for a huge one in the $5,000 6-Max No-Limit Hold 'em event.

We'll be streaming for the next couple of weeks from Vancouver playing the 2023 Online.

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$5,000 6-MAX ! – 2023 ONLINE

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  1. I enjoy watching you play and you are funny and entertaining!! Wish you continued success!!

  2. I love learning from him😊😊😊 hes really the best there is to call a person hand more then once is pretty f smart if you ask me 😂 that video was one of the crazest ive aeen wen he called that dudes hand and new exActly what the guy had was f epic… 🤯🤯🤯😆 Dans the Man!!! Hands down 🔥💯🤘🤪

  3. Wow great stream! Thanks for the entertainment in education. I actually learned a lot.

  4. Heartbreaking to run this deep and go out on a flip. Happened to me last night. 30 left 7 hours in and lose AK VS KQ

  5. Love you brother, great video (although I only watched an aggregate 3 hours)…..lots of funny stuff in there, great poker wisdom and strategy content….dang pair and a flush draw hands….safe passage home, JJB!

  6. I just wanted you to know I love these online tournaments that you post!!!

  7. Hey dnegs how do i get a piece of your action for your future games im new to watching new but do enjoy your streams

  8. EPIC STEAM, not a everyday streamer but shows up and gets huge views!! Shows what poker can do with

  9. This stuff is gold.. Ty Daniel.. i took down a 95 player tourney yesterday. I was shortstacked the whole way and just remained patient.. 5 blinds on the ft to winning it all.. i never gave up. Watching how you navigate shortstacked situations on your stream really helped me win.. better that the poker training sites i pay monthly for..

  10. I love your idea about a small scale rehab/shelter facility for families who have, for one reason or another, fallen on hard times.

    It is definitely something I wish I had the means to attempt. With the right connections building a small community for the homeless would be relatively easy and affordable.

    From the small research I’ve done on the subject what keeps most people/families in the homeless cycle is a lack of residence to use for work and or support applications.

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