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    1. They should have shouted as he walked away “it’s an ace, Antonio!”

  1. 8:24 The dude re-raising QJ on the river vs the nut straight is me losing play money on PokerStars. 😂

    1. Yep, Raising with QJ on river was a Rookie move. Coz.. only better hands would call. So, raising is just foolish, as lesser hands will anyways fold

    2. He’s just a typical pokerstars player I think they should add that clip to compilation of dumbest poker plays of all time….

    3. I actually cringed when QJ raised with his two pair. These are supposed to be pro poker players? I am not a pro and even I know you don’t raise in that spot since the only hand that will call you is a hand that beats you.

  2. I like videos from the perspective of one player where the commentators explain what the player might be thinking

  3. How did the guy who raised with qj even make that final table😂 awful play

  4. Serves that angle-shooting magician right for that over-the-top, premature celebration!

    1. I had a final table hand recently where it was all in me kk vs kq. He flops a str! But then i got a miracle runner runner fh. The hand before that i had AA and lost to JJ. Almost went from first to busting out by losing two all in preflop showdowns with aa and kk… Crazy this poker.

  5. At a final table i lost AA vs JJ all in preflop. Lost about half my stack. Very next hand I was all in pre again with KK vs KQ. The guy flops a str! I had 1.5% win prob at that pt but i got runner runner 9s for a FH to survive. I ended up winning AQ vs A8 on final hand. Again aipf. He flopped an 8 but the Q comes on river and I won. Earlier I needed an A on the river to survive too (AK vs J8). Nothing comes easy it seems.

  6. Guy had AK
    Other guy has 10 10
    Flop gives guy Trips
    Turn gives other guy straight
    River gives you Full house
    That’s poker for ya

  7. 5:26 – I think Esfandiari’s 427 double-espressos finally kicked in haha!

  8. 8:26 “Oh sh1t…” That moment when you realise you have no business being at such a high level poker table haha. He must’ve been some sort of qualifier going from a $5 buy-in at his local pub poker league to a $50 buy-in and so on and so on, and got lucky all the way through that too…..
    No reading ability whatsoever.

  9. How can you not back Barry? He is a professional, a gentleman, and a philanthropist. You cannot say that about many “professional” poker players.

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