$473,000 POT!! Rampage vs Nik Airball

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$473,000 POT!! vs Nik Airball

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  1. Rampage reacted like just another day at the office. More impressive with the downswing he is having. I would not have been able to contain my excitement.

    1. Everyone hating on rampage is ridiculous. Even though this hand doesn’t show a ton of talent, rampage is a great player and smarter than people think. He will be back with a vengeance.

    2. Rampage seems like a good guy but he’s not a good player. He’ll tell you that himself. How many times does he just go in he says it’s a high variance spot or he says he’s there to gamble. He doesn’t study the game. He is a punter he’s just like Nick airball. As people are getting exponentially better at poker because of the resources people have to study now he is taking the old traditional path of learning by playing which means he is never going to be an elite player

    3. @@beauknows93 the kid is talented. 99.9999999% of the people talking sh!t about him would never have the balls to sit down and play the stakes he does or make the moves he does. They act like he is Mikki.

    4. @@jeffreydiaz8074it’s the opposite he’s actually a pretty good player… but he’s a tool.

    5. @clarkgriswold5818  how do you say he’s a good player? He is a gambler more so than a poker player. Unless he makes major changes in his bankroll management AND poker game he will go broke.

    1. Silly shove. It gets checked all the way down to the river and then you 3x pot. You assume your opponent missed with the check flop and check turn. Then bet like you dont want a call. Easy call.

    2. ​@@garrydye2394I think @Dark was talking about Nik’s AK shove over Rampage when Rampage had like 220k left in his stack.

    3. ​@@garrydye2394I think the laughing emoji gives away the sarcasm 😅 obviously a silly shove that doesn’t need explaining.

    1. @@mikea5205he’s down like a milli and some change from cash, and then like 500k from tournaments so yea probably pretty close 🤣🤣

    2. ​@@marcodeanda5085he’s down but probably not all his money so check your story before posting

  2. Man I’m happy to see him win such a big hand considering the downswing. That’s a MASSIVE momentum changer for him.

    1. Rampage is a good player, his flaw is not being able to let marginal hands go against large bets. He regularly punts. It’s such an easy leak to fix. He’ll be dominating with the right coaching imo.

    2. @@buttars0070 You’re right though the big issue is not being willing to let marginal hands and/or bluffs go and thinking he can win every pot. Right coaching would definitely help with that although I believe it’s an issue ingrained in him from his time playing lower stakes.

  3. If you’re on a downswing be sure to make a visit to Nik Airball and he’ll be happy to help you out!

  4. Nik, talking classless smack when he wins, quiet as a mouse when loses. Nobody says a thing when Nik puntz. They know DON’T TAP NIKS TANK.

    1. @@SBMM hes definitely the top pros favorite to have in the game, but even they have to be ready to “make the right play” and still lose😂

    2. Hairballs fave quote when bluffing – “don’t play deep with me” then punts a massive amount to rampage and quiet as a church mouse

  5. Karma came so early for you Airball. Haha what a laugh at Francisco and look at how karma hits you back. Stop gambling your parents money 😂

    1. @@Dmatafonov23874 Nik goes to the bathroom, pull out his cell phone and sells 15 bitcoin that he paid $300 grand each for a couple of years ago…and says “oh, well, now I only have 500 bitcoin left “

  6. got to say this was an epic hand after all the table talk/play at the start of the game. Airball you gotta earn the badge before you put yourself in the same league as Rampage. nh wp

  7. The irony of Nikfathead to tell the dealer not to touch his chips when there are literally at least 100 videos of Nik touching other players chips.

    1. I mean… wouldn’t you like to make sure you were paying off the correct amount when stacks are this high? A dealer error could cost five-figures. He was pretty nice about it given the circumstances & how he normally acts

  8. Rampage played that hand good, just flatting the all in Nick thought he could push him off AQ, or medium pocket pair

  9. Laughing at Francisco after he looses, telling the dealer “dont touch my chips” then “get me a million” in the lamest way ever lol. He has to be the worlds biggest doush

  10. Nik continually saying “i’m dead” when he has 30% equity is quite telling.

    1. I’m always dead online even if I’m going 80/20 against a lower pair. So he’s right

    2. ​Behave yourself, there’s running bad and then there’s losing mentality, it’s impossible to be always dead with 80% equity.​ You are probably remembering the bad beats more than the wins, try to finish a session thinking about all the positives, it may help with the mental side.@@Kassadin10

  11. Wasn’t the biggest fan of rampage before but seeing how good of action he is even on such a down swing, and how he casually just won 250k like it was a 20$ pot. He seems like a good guy. Rooting for his comeback, very entertaining to watch as well, punts an all.

  12. Get me a million will be remembered in 2-years time when the well has gone dry.

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