$46,440 IN THE MIDDLE AND I HAVE THE NUTS! Hustler Monday Pt. 2 | Poker Vlog #470

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$46,440 IN THE MIDDLE AND I HAVE THE NUTS! Monday Pt. 2 | #470

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  1. Watching these videos, I’ve noticed that I’m almost with you on your poker journeys the past few months.. Great content, Ethan and I’m always looking forward to your videos when I’m at work on my break! 🙂

  2. Keep it up Ethan! Love what you do! You and other poker bloggers are really helping people like myself starting up! ♠️♥️♣️♦️

    1. dude, dont learn from him 😀 he is entertaining for sure, but pls dont learn poker from him. his name is rampage for a reason

  3. Ethan, you have me for life. Yours is my favorite poker blog! Keep it going!

  4. Good luck in Aruba, 2 of my friends I play with weekly are heading down. For the main event. One of them finished 11th in the WSOP main event. Always love watching your content, living vicariously.

  5. Dealer from Harrah’s in Cherokee here to say I love your content! It was nice to see you during WSOP

  6. Good luck on the final table later today dude. I’ll be tuning in 🤘🏼

  7. Nuts Ethan. To think how far you’ve come in a few years is sick. Lots of heart pumping moments in this video.

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