$400,000 SUN RUN! $200,000 POT With 1 PAIR?! | Rampage Poker Vlog

Have fun with me WPT Global utilizing "Rampage" for a $1,200 Deposit Bonus offer!

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$400,000 SUN RUN! $200,000 POT With 1 PAIR?! |

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  1. “Not a bad night” 😂😂😂 ya just 3 years salary for the average American.

    1. I’m so glad this is the first comment I read when he said not a bad night

  2. Always love that you’ve sun-run! A win is a win regardless of the amount!!!!

  3. Nice to see you run good it’s been a hot min bro thanks for the content

  4. Nice to book the W despite the many punts 🙂 The punts keep the villains guessing whether you have the nuts or air.

  5. I saw the live stream, you did what you could. It was nice play I mean when you watch you could do differently but that’s not life. You can’t rewind or delete. That’s also what’s make everything wonderful! Well done, bravo 👏

  6. Yoo rampage love the fit bro 🔥 gotta look super fly crushing peoples souls

  7. I can’t even catch a break at my 1/2 games and then here goes rampunts lol , good win to tho ! Hope the sun run continues

  8. Towards the end, you mention that the “punts didnt need to happen” but they did! theyre crucial for your image and being able to be paid off in a lot of spots

  9. Nice work E! Never afraid to show those big losses. This vlog’s authenticity level = 💯. Only a meager $150k win, disappointing…🤣
    Good luck in the next one!🍀

  10. Getting your “chakra” back. Wheel in sandscit.. Well done. Hope it continues buddy.

  11. Rampage, You are the definition of you got to give action to get action. I am a decent poker player but you got heart and balls. I need to grow a bigger pair.

  12. been watching u since 2020 when u had around 30k subs, and i would rather watch you play than anyone else, maybe besides mikki. u make it fun, confusing, stressful, and exhilarating yet you stay calm playing for half a million dollars. I remember your 1/3 days. Cuddos to you man, hope i get to play with you one day and catch a big punt🤣 much love

  13. Rampage your best poker blogger I’ve ever seen, saying that watching your videos is like going to college for Free thanks man hopefully I’ll get to meet you at the table,I would be proud to shake your hand sir, keep making awesome videos!!!!!!

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