$40,000+ Pots on Poker Night in America! | Poker Vlog #477

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$40,000+ Pots on Poker Night in America! | #477

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  1. Thanks for introducing new poker live stream to me. Happy for you bro Rampage 😊.

  2. From Boston Billiards to Poker Night in America. Congrats man. You are living the dream.

    1. he’s a huge fish though… he luckboxed a few tournys and has an illegal poker club funding him lol…

  3. Love how our guy took his pool cutoff to the poker table. Our kid went straight to the table!

  4. always a badass vlog! happy to see 3 days a week. would love e to meet you my dude!

  5. I love watching your content. I know it’s brutal to be stuck. I can understand wanting to fight your way back and that’s one of the reasons why I love What you put out. I’m sure you have analyzed this session to death. Yes folding is boring but sometimes it saves you piles LOL keep going Ethan! You’re the best

  6. Jonathon little was the best player at the table. Wish you & him battled more

  7. Hey E, at least your getting to play and doing pretty well, yes we see the UP’s and Downs but hey that’s Poker right… Keep doing U..

  8. Kind of hard to watch this one. I hope that you learned that when your instincts are running cold, it’s not really a good idea to keep chasing wins. Probably better to tighten up a bit and grind back some of your losses than doubling down every time. Nerves at the beginning cost some hands that you got bullied on. But when you get down that much, sometimes just take the smaller losses and live to play another day, when your instincts and cards run better.

  9. Love watching ur videos it makes me feel better about my game
    You make horrible decisions lol

  10. Gotta love seeing dentale back on PNIA. His heads up match vs that woman years back is still comedy gold.

  11. What go’s around comes around,your skill will match up with your luck again,you’ll be all the wiser the next time your on a roll 🍀🇮🇪

  12. Love watching you play bro. There was a lot of bad play in this video I’m gonna be honest. Better luck next time sir

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