$40,000 All In Vs Doyle Brunson!!!

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$40,000 All In Vs !!!

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  1. cmon Brad, this makes you a legend bro! Stay strong through everything, I’ve been watching you since the low level cash games where your heart was beating at $500 dollar pots, you’ve gone so far buddy, next time I’m in the states I hope I can meet up with you man

    1. @Ethan McGraw He’s become a serious person I think too with multiple revenue streams, one of them being high risk / high skill / high reward and the other Youtube, and hopefully Brad you’re investing in Stocks, ETFs, Indexes, and Real Estate.

  2. I hope you feel good about yourself is brad picking on the elderly people helpless old man

  3. Been watching Doyle all my life. Even lived in Vegas for 4 yrs back in the 90’s but never met him. Can’t imagine playing a hand against him let alone winning the hand. That had to be so cool.

  4. Did this chick REALLY just tell a guy who is in recovery that “he can have a glass” 🥃??!?!! SMH

    1. In her defense the way she was talking didn’t sound like she knew the real deal though. Not really sure but if she did know he was in recovery then yeah that’s a BS move on her part.

    2. @Kymmberliestarr doesn’t matter. If someone says no. That means no. True for sexual advances male or female; just the same as it’s true for sobriety.

  5. Been watching your videos for so long – this is so sick. Doyle F’ing Brunson, bro. Wow, congrats man, this is so cool to see.

  6. Man it’s so cool going from watching you play small stakes not that long ago to turning on nbc sports on the TV last night and watching you kill it, unreal.

  7. Doyle often says that if a player ask for a chip count he won’t give a verbal number, rather let the player count for himself. For Doyle to give brad an approximate number verbally shows the amount of respect he has for Brad.

  8. From 5/5 in Texas to cracking the dolly for 20k. You’ve come far man. ~stretch

  9. Just heard the sad news. We will all miss u Mr Brunson. Thank u sir. God speed🙏🏼

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