$375,000 BLUFF vs Garrett Adelstein – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 08

We're back with another hand breakdown from the latest season of High Stakes airing exclusively on PokerGO. This season we fight versus Phil Ivey, Tom , Patrick Antonius, and Doyle Brunson. Last time we fought we picked off a huge , this time around we try to run our own.

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Preflop
5:23 Flop
8:00 Turn
10:53 River
15:08 Call or Fold
16:02 Conclusion

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$375,000 vs Adelstein – HIGH STAKES POKER TAKES with Daniel Negreanu 08

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  1. Long time player… new subscriber. Love the content Daniel… we are the same age and I’ve been watching you a long time. You are amazing with the analysis!

  2. These hand breakdowns are great and I’m definitely learning more about the game while I watch them

    1. All I learn is that I’ll never be on this level and I only win when I get lucky!

  3. Tom Dwan just went up a few notches on my respect scale. This isn’t the first time he’s called people out for bluffing…he called Xuan Liu bluffing off Doyle with AK as well. Great player with great instinct! 👏

    1. Tell me you never played a real game of poker without telling me. Dwan may have called it or maybe he’s saying the most common phrase after huge bets like that 😂😂

    2. @Arlen Yun THIS. It’s also one thing to say “You’re bluffing” and another thing to put $175k in to see it!

  4. Where would the poker world be without Dnegs? What a fkn legend! Cheers Daniel for your consistent efforts to better our community.

    1. I mean he’s not really done as much as moneymaker has in terms of the online effect but I guess he has done some stuff

  5. Great hand break down Daniel and great play! Thanks for sharing your thought process, this is a huge help to us non-poker pros trying to learn everything we can about this awesome game. Thanks!

  6. You’re my all time favorite player. I’ve studied you for as long as I’ve been playing. Class act. Thank you for what you do on and off the felt

  7. Love seeing a old dog learn new tricks, and seeing it pay off. Been killing it lately Daniel, very happy for you.

  8. Garrett finally found his match. Way to take advantage of position..I rarely see that with his other opponents on hustler live and latb days.

    1. Even if people are in position on him though, he usually has stacks on stacks to cover them, and plays a different game. This game everyone is deep deep, and it allows actual play against him where he doesn’t have 10-15x the chips as he did on the other shows he was doing.

  9. These breakdowns are fantastic! As a relatively new player I love following along to see THE Pro’s thought process. Thanks D!

  10. Love these hand breakdowns. As the commentators said during the show your play improved/ To add on also your videos improved a lot. Looking forward for more and the WSOP 2022 serie. keep it up. Have fun and enjoy life.

  11. Been a fan for 20 years. It’s very impressive how you continue to grow and stay competitive with the ever changing poker landscape. Can tell you’ve been putting in work in the lab. Cheers, Daniel!

  12. Loving these breakdowns, I love theory and it has been so much fun seeing you play so well lately. The work you’ve put in is incredible.

  13. I sound like another parrot comment, but this and all the other hand breakdowns have very much helped me solidify my range-reading and it’s profoundly noticeable. Thanks for doing these insights

  14. Excellent hand Daniel – have watched gman on many live streams & no doubt he’s a top gun cash player – even in games with mainly pro players. Good chance gman calls the river often. Either way it’s a pleasure watching 2 of the best players on the planet going at it 😎🇨🇦✌️

  15. Man I got to admit these videos are life changing. It really gives an insight on what pros at that level think. These hand analyses are pure gems, pls continue with these Daniël

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