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    1. @inS41NT because is the only hand in his opponents range that made sense to him that could’ve got there on the river . Since A3s would’ve had a flush draw on the flop and got runner runner straight .

    2. @inS41NT as the guys above me said, he was replaying the hand in his head and realized A3ss was a possible hand his opp could have had based on him calling flop, calling turn and then shoving the river.

    3. @inS41NT because it would make sense to be flat calling with a flush draw (which A3 of spades would of been) the whole way and then going runner runner into a straight instead for the nuts.

    1. @Mike Rauch psh, as if…I’d have used that already to buy two $0.25 Spin & Golds thank you very much 😂

  1. Matt is a Jedi man, anyone else seeing those cards is flinging in those chips like no tomorrow.

  2. I’m gonna stop at 2:40 and say that was a great fold . Haven’t watched the rest yet

  3. I always know when my opponent has my top pair beat with a set because I snap them off on the river 😂

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