$30,000 Buy In Getting MAX Value with 1 Pair for $3600! | Poker Vlog #484

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$30,000 Buy In Getting MAX Value with 1 Pair for $3600! | Poker #484

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    1. I couldn’t believe some of the coolers from last night 🤮 especially when running it twice and losing every run with being a 60% fvt. Ethan even told his buddy partialy through the stream to write down time stamps for the highlights to showcase his dream on this channel. Even he knew he was sun running with these dream hands and getting dream calls when he has the nuts!!

    2. Wesley’s name should actualy be the LP short for the lucky punter if I’m being honest!! The absolute dumb punts he always wins with are mental!!

  1. Hey Ethan man. You say at the end of the video that the tourney videos aren’t as exciting for viewers and I may be in the minority here, but I’d love to see more tourney breakdown videos. I guess by and large they are less action packed but I think it’d be very nice hearing more of the thinking behind your tournament play.

    Anyway, stay posi and keep up the good work!

    1. You’re not in the minority. In-game tourney thoughts/strategy are always interesting.

  2. bro i just finished my crypto stream and wasnt going to play poker but after getting 10th place out of 800 players in a 75k GTD last night AND watching this video i cannot help myself lol.. I watch your videos and Brantzen on my second monitor while grinding MTTs.. Love your videos, and playing while listening and watching them !! Keep up the great videos and Wins !!

  3. You should do a poll. I think you’ll be surprised on how many people actually love your tournament vlogs. Or maybe start another channel just for tournaments

    1. i prefer tournaments simply because if you run deep it is way more epic which makes Ethan one of the better poker vloggers..remember the highest poker viewership was tournaments back on ESPN.. Poker After Dark later with super high stakes cash..

    2. He never said people dont like tournaments. He said people dont like tournament busts. He also said hes doing cash between tournaments because we like cash (implying that we like it in addition to tourney)

  4. I like the tourney updates. Super happy for you when you cash. But cash has a different mood to it. Cash seems to play better on a vlog,.

  5. Ethan I feel ya hustler has ruined me watching any other poker too. I turned on one of the latest WPT cash game and they were playing 6 handed with pots that were maybe a few thousand I was like what is this little game lol

  6. Your living my dream man. My dream is to be playing poker everyday. Obviously to have the money to be play like that.. Good luck man on all ur games..I’ll keep watching

  7. Nah man, love watching your tournament vlogs. It separates you from the bunch. Love seeing those deep runs! Gg

  8. Nice moves 😂 loved the video about to go play my first cash session in over a month, been strictly on a tourney grind I missed cash can’t wait!

  9. Nice run, a win is always great. Nice room, do you play any other table games or slots to qualify for a better room?

  10. My dream is to sit on a table against Rampage someday. I appreciate these videos Ethan!

  11. I love tournaments. The downside for vlogging is you can’t ‘splash it up’ in a tournament like you can in a cash game. Reloading / rebuying is not always an option in tournaments. They are a grind that use a different strategy than cash games. So other than the rare times when you go on a deep run, most tournaments are boring hours of waiting for the right hand / position to increase the chip stack to only end up busting out on a bad beat or overvalued hand.

  12. If you’re at the Hard Rock Tampa, and the game is too small, it may start getting bigger on Thursdays. But definitely by Friday and Saturday night. Especially when word gets around that you had $30K to splash around.

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