$30,000 Buy In and I Get BLUFFED Into With ACES! | Poker Vlog #499

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$30,000 Buy In and I Get BLUFFED Into With ACES! | #499

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  1. You are the man Ethan stay awesome happy Saturday thanks for the upload

    1. ✍️✍️ ⬆️⬆️
             Tell Jim I refer you to him for a life changing investment opportunity, that will change your financial life ………

  2. My kid was watching cocomelon on my phone and had to drop kick him to watch the daily video

    1. I think you could have gotten the phone without drop kicking him, but i respect your enthusiasm.

  3. Hahaha the k4s hand had me dying 😂. Bro your vids are awesome. Crazy that in just a few years you blew up on yt and also in poker. You seem to really deserve it tho, the energy you project through your vids feels very genuine and it’s nice to see someone living the dream. People can learn a lot from your outlook and attitude. 🙏

  4. read the title and thought to myself.. “if i could run a quarter as good as you mane”

  5. Can’t wait for the high roller vlog to come out soon man, so stoked for you, what a way to end an epic year! Must be nice to have 7 figs profit on the year bro, congrats.

  6. Bring your girlfriend back on in the videos that was hilarious you guys are a cute couple

  7. That missed flush draw and his 8 blocker to the nuts is the only reason for the call … sucked that you also had the blocker cause it insentivised you to bluff and just one of those times maybe a bad call since you blocked the flushes it’s hard to know when to give up …learn from it and shake it off

  8. It’s hilarious how it took 41 hours to get the 5k in profit for the challenge and it took 5 mins to win a 15k pot in this video

  9. whats crazy is when he shows the girl that bluffed him… and its Lynne LOL

  10. Back to big punts and sick hands you bet for value.. Nice few hands to catch up on those blasting away and getting caught.
    Loving these daily posts bro. Congrats on the huge Wynn the other day 🙂 you’re absolutely crushing it!

  11. Needed you to sun run the main event on the wpt was hoping you made it…One good thing is we still got Brad…

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