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  1. Schwartz , don’t flip it over arrogantly , flips it over arrogantly himself instead.

    1. You got to give props to Schwartz for making that call stats wise he gave himself a really low percentage to win

    2. You’re clearly a very insecure manchild by the way you respond to people and how seriously you’re over analyzing Schwartz’s reveal of his cards

    3. To be fair to make that call and be right would cause that type of reaction for most people

  2. I cant stand Schwartz but man he’s a good player. Also, the only thing enigmatic about the Enigma is why would anyone voluntarily choose to look like such a dbag.

  3. LOL the last one is one of the funniest hands I have ever seen. schwartz talking to himself is hilarious.

    1. @Frank His point is obviously this: Using your logic, if he had called a preflop AA shove with 7-2 and hit a couple 2s in the flip, then it was a good call.

    2. @Frank So if somebody jumps out of a flying aeroplane and lands on a sleeping elephant and survives, would you call his ‘jumping from plane’ a good decision?

  4. Commentator: “He can NOT call!”

    Morgan Freeman voice: “He did call.”

    1. I mean this is a losing call in the long run, but I can’t sort of understand why he did it. Dude was repping a pair of queens. If he really just had the queen one pair, he’d most likely check on the river.

    2. Andrew hope his voice was in Arrested Development, which is where the meme of the contradictory narrator comes from

    3. Can someone explain why she keeps saying he can’t call? I’m not following

    4. tony nguyen Most the time a pair of 9s is a losing hand in this situation. The guy with A J re raised Luke pre flop, which indicates at the very least a decent hand. Could have been A Q, K Q, J Q or even a decent pocket pair. It’s totally plausible that this guy had a Q. When you consider the fact that he also goes all in at the river, 9 times out of 10 he has a decent hand. A call here risks your position in the whole tournament, and all Luke has is a bluff catcher, meaning that he can only win if the other guy is bluffing. Very hard call to make, a lot of pros probably would have folded with Lukes hand. It’s why Luke actually complemented the other guys bet when it was the show down.

  5. Why do these videos always sound like I’m listening to them through a shell I found at the ocean

    1. That’s a phasing issue : the mixing the of frequency and volume from two different audio channels create a phase inversion resulting in this effect.

    2. @Trevor Smack Maybe he legit thinks he’s some kinda Oyster or Clam or something…

    1. I hate when people do that fake push chips in thing. A lot of people do it then just watch their opponents reaction. Don’t know why no one ever calls angle shooting

  6. You need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.

    1. @Jaxon Burn its always in my newsfeed on facebook…every fucking time lol..i have literally memorized all the lines word by word i have heard it so many times 😛

    2. @Gabriel Smythe he said that you need to understand that everything you do at the poker table conveys information.

    3. Body language speaks volume. Whether you are quiet or acting purposefully strange etc. Your body has ‘tells’

  7. 12:05 “Just dont flip them over like arrogantly” ..*proceeds to win the hand and flips his own cards over like he won the Olympics 😂😂 awesome play

    1. I know I think the video cut out what would have been the second one.

  8. Luke Schwartz is the only poker player who makes Phil Hellmuth say, “Damn, you whine a lot!”

  9. Regardless of how you feel about Schwartz, he’s a hell of a poker player. What a great call in the second video!

  10. Schwartz thought this: of the cards he loses, his opponent could only push preflop aces, kings or ace-queen, but with a probable straight on the table with such cards in hand, you will never go all-in on show down, so this is a bluff…

  11. Even though I don’t like Schwartz, that hand was entertaining to watch and played very, very well by both players. Fantastic call in the end!

  12. The enigma’s only mistake was not coming over the top at the flop,he had open end straight,good odds,but no a hand good enough to set trap.

  13. Schwartz: Don’t flip your cards over arrogantly.
    Also Schwartz: wins hand, slams cards down arrogantly

    1. true but it’s different: Romanello did make the choice to bluff, he’s not the one that is gonna feel bad for calling like a fish with a losing hand.

    2. It was more of just being pumped up, he did shake the guys hand after and said he made a good bet

    3. Could have been arrogance or just excitement. Dude stressed himself out for 2-3 minutes just trying to fold. Just imagine all of that tension suddenly exploding after realizing he won the hand.

  14. Tom Dwan is probably the most fearless poker player there is, I wouldn’t encourage trying to bluff him out of pots.

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