$276,000 Cash Game Pot | Tom Dwan vs Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes Poker

and clash in a huge pot on Season 9 of inside the PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas.

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$276,000 Pot | vs Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes

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    1. That is not what happened there. He is the master of calling out his opponents hands but he was just naming a hand that beat him.

  1. just once I’d like to see negreanu flip the table over and scream “what the fk is this bullsht!””

    1. He just did at the wsop lol, he threw his vlogging equipment to the wall next to him

    2. If you can find the old episodes of High Stakes Poker when they were playing at…I think it was the Palms DNegs had a couple episodes where he was getting coolered like crazy and lost his temper somewhat.

    3. @T LE its the recaps, not when they were actually playing. As someone already said he recently freaked out physically when he lost his 2nd bullet in a WSOP event. He smashed his recording equipment twice and screamed, it’s by far his biggest blow up.

  2. Can you stop putting the winner in the thumbnail. Kinda annoying knowing who wins

  3. He never new this time or he wouldn’t of called the river bet

  4. its surreal how these guys just bet 6 figure a year incomes in one hand so casually

    1. @Black Hippy if I make better choices than you, my percentage of beating you increases and yours beating me decreases. I still may lose some of the time because of bad luck, but it will be the same for you. But because of my increased win percentage, lets say it is 60-40, we just have to play 100 games and you tell me who will come out a winner. But thank you for reconfirming you understand absolutely nothing about poker or math in general 😂

    2. @Black Hippy he never said it doesn’t require luck. It’s clear he’s disagreeing with “you still need crazy luck”. I consistently take home $150-$200 playing poker with my friends on our weekly cash games. Luck plays a factor. But skill is a huge part of it. All about making positive EV plays.

  5. Gotta love Dnegz… Puts him on his exact hand he has, then calls just to make sure he is right.

    1. Should have raised at the turn and just take the pot…dont think he would get more chips at the river expect if another king comes..

    2. That’s what ego gets you. He’s right most of the time but he wants to call to feel that bitter-sweet satisfaction.

  6. I come here for Tom Dwan but leave here thinking about what Gabe Kaplan says😂

  7. I love how these guys can lose or win over 100k in a single hand and just laugh nonchalantly.

  8. Daniel walking around with a bright fire engine red portable safe. I hope he has security.

  9. Is this a really old video? I though doyle retired and quit playing a few years ago.

  10. HEY EDITORS: Can we not spoil the hand outcome in the video thumbnails please? That’d be swell, thanks.

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