$262K For First Place! I Have a FLUSH for 1.6 MILLION CHIPS! | Poker Vlog #492

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$262K For First Place! I Have a FLUSH for 1.6 MILLION CHIPS! | Poker #492

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  1. Ethan, I’m happy to follow you along in your journey. You really do remind me of a young tom dwan, fearless. loves to battle. Keep the vlogs coming bro!

  2. One of the few things about NLHE that is more gross than PLO is the river 4 flush.

    1. Gross is having the Ace of diamonds and 4 diamonds come out on a non paired board in PLO and you know you can’t win.

  3. That flush over flush to end the tourney was so sick god that sucks dude. You’re tourney luck is tough but ur such a solid player just keep going

  4. Everything happens for reason if this didn’t happen you wouldn’t have had your HUGE win at hustler 💯💯

  5. Hey Ethan, love the videos great run. Don’t want to be a chat pro here but I think a decent amount of those pre flop decisions in this video were too loose

  6. Rampage has defi been studying. That spot where he limped KK with 10bb is underrated

  7. Love the tournament vlogs. Sorry for that suck out. He didn’t even have top pair.

  8. I really laughed my head off at your outro. It might have been avoided if you just payed the 130K and saw the Q Diamond. All in all you are a champion 🏆

  9. Nice deep run man. Tough loss with that one. Lol there’s no crying in poker or baseball and what I wanted you to say was “Are you not entertained, are you not entertained?”

    Keep grinding, keep up the content. You gotta another fan rooting for ya!

  10. Brutal beat, man, sorry to see it. Glad to see that you’ve at least been running pretty deep in the tourneys lately after the brutal start to the year. You’ll get there my man!

  11. Tough beat… learning so much from this channel and can’t wait for more hustler content!

  12. you are still 1 of the best vloggers out there despite this bad beat,im sure you will bounce back,keep it up:)

  13. Great content as always. Side note: when you used up your luck on bad beating people in early stages of the tournament always a bad sign

  14. There’s nothing to say, you played your hands correctly and in the end it’s a bad shove from your opponent that turns out well for him. It’s aLso a logic play when two limpers call that they show weakness so you can shove any two. You played that very good. It’s a phenomenon these days in poker that you raise with crap and limp with premiums.

  15. Tough break Ethan. I know what that feels like. Especially when youve had a run of folding for a while. Freakin sucks. But still. Your video was very enjoyable. Good luck

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