$250,000 BUY-IN!!! Time for the BIG ONE – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 24

The BIG one is here as today we begin the $250,000 Super High Roller Occasion. I'm bringing my "A" game to this stacked field and we breakdown a ton of hands in this one.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Dealing with Linglin
2:55 Drive In
7:25 Hand Breakdowns 1 and 2
12:23 Hand Breakdowns 3 and 4
15:57 5
20:45 Hand Breakdowns 6 and 7
25:42 Huge Flip
26:22 End of Night

Nbhd Nick – Good Die Young

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$250,000 BUY-IN!!! Time for the BIG ONE – 2022 Poker Day 24

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  1. The LFG DANIEL on the board when you are driving is AMAZING! Yes LFG DANIEL!

    1. It’s gotta be his editor in post adding overlays. He talks about GGpoker near that billboard and it pops up

  2. Daniel, It’s so refreshing to see you being genuinely kind and having a good time (even when you lose). Hope you get some run good soon !!!

  3. I really appreciate that your vlogs bring us along for the whole wsop experience. The fun tables and even the aggravating times. Thank you! 😁

  4. Love seeing DNegs tilted dropping f bombs. Comforting to know it happens to the best of them.

  5. Rough day Daniel thank you for taking us along for the ride! You’re openness and intelligence is so thrilling to watch! Were all rooting for you

  6. I played a local tournament at my local casino last night, my very first hand lost almost all my chips with 3 x 100 chips left. 6 hands later I got back to 30K. It’s only a game, you got the most mental strengths to play this game, you will turn this around in no time. LFG Daniel!

  7. i really look forward to watching Daniel Negreanu’s daily podcast. hes a really nice guy

  8. Really cool to see an insiders point of view and go through this with you as you play … I hope you do well and make some final tables !!

  9. I feel you dude, the last 2 tourneys I played this week I busted KK to AK on Monday and then AA to AK on Tuesday, both all in preflop. It’s so god damn frustrating to just lose every all in, there’s literally nothing you can do and the effect it has on mindset is really tough, like I’m not afraid to shove or call off but I’m basically standing up and walking to the car already in my head, like you said, just feels like you can’t fucking win and have 0 control over it

  10. There’s the Daniel i watch for! Frisky and happy! A chip and a chair and hopefully you can milk some players and get to that final table 💪

  11. Would love to see a hand history where Daniel value bets lol… keep up the good work loving the Vlogs!

  12. Love how even when tilted Daniel can still smile for his fans.
    Consummate professional!

  13. I enjoy watching the hand history heavy vlogs much more. I just wish there was more information within the hands given, specifically effective stack depth and player type.

  14. I remember playing with phil at the taj in ac in the 90s before he was anything but a good poker player. I always liked his style and aggressive play and learned so much from him even back then

  15. Always enjoy the vlogs Daniel! Especially love the hand breakdowns and how your mind thinks during play. Rooting for you and Ivey to make the final so I can watch it on the live stream!

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