$22,000 Pot Against Brad Owen! | Poker Vlog #409

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$22,000 Pot Against ! | #409

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    1. @Fyah King You got that 100% correct. Nobody folds kk there. It showed that Nik was in over his head as well. You think Garrett folds there? Not a chance.

      Punting gets you views, but it loses you all your bankroll and all the grinding will be for nothing. Wasted. Gone.

      He just punted 150k in two sessions. Let that sink in.

      The only hand he played well – and I watched it live and thought he’s going broke here – was aces vs ak.

      He got out of that alive because I’m convinced Garrett was scared of kings or jacks.

    2. @AsianWelder No, he didn’t. Look at his loss from last year, where he and Mariano lost 30k each. I believe it’s in December. They both admit it nearly wiped them out. Look at the devastation on their faces. 30k was a lot of money to them.

    3. @Adam Roberts well. He had a video claiming he made 230k from YouTube. He does pump them out and they are popular

    4. @AsianWelder Look at the stats on YT views. It isn’t that much money.

      Rampage won 230k recently in a tournament. Props to him for that. He also won 56k in a ring tournament.

      That’s the bulk of his bankroll and it’s disappearing fast.

  1. I’ve got a table. I’ve got poker chips.
    Do I have playing cards? HELL NO!

  2. Ethan to the rescue! My dude… your vlogs make my Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

  3. My boy! Been here since before the first bracelet live stream with 44. Continue to chase your goals/dreams and shrug off the haters. You’ve always done a great job at this, but as you move up in stakes your mental becomes even more important. Continue to prove the naysayers wrong and live out your dreams 🤙🏽

    1. We’re naysayers because he’s being used for his aggressive playing style, knowing he’ll donkey off 100k. He has to be smart, otherwise he’s done.

  4. Don’t understand how/why that guy folded QQ. Did he assume Ethan has a lot of AA, KK, and JJ because he 3b pre? Just seems way too tight

  5. In the A8 hand when you bluff catch his 10 8 I have a question! What if he had like A 9 or A 10 wouldn’t he win with a better ace? Or would that be a chop

  6. Glad to see a upload. Not because of the content, but because you’re still ok. And the foreshadowing in the first 30 seconds. Sheesh.

  7. You were up against 5-8 suited, what did you think was going to happen?

  8. If you get stacked against 72, are you expected to reach in your pocket for the bounty? Asking for a friend.

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