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    1. At a regular table, no he is not. Here they pretty much do what they want.

  1. Horrendous call with only a king so called pros bo better than guys I play down pub with 😂

  2. I know it’s easier said when I see the call, but as a new player, I was hoping someone could help me with two questions:
    1. Why wasn’t Daniel scared of the flush draw or three of a kind?
    2. If Perssons threatened all in and Daniel still raises, wouldn’t Perssons realize that Daniel is willing to call up to all in, thus meaning he has a strong hand?

    1. You can’t be scared of flush draws or straight draws when you have top 2 pair. If it hits, it hits, it’s poker. Even if he does hit the flush or straight, Daniel still has outs to a full house even thought it’s not many so you have to put the money in on that flop. Eric knew 100% he was behind after Daniel raised but since he said he’s going all in he probably did it just for TV and to keep his word

    2. A draw is just that – A draw. Unless it’s a world draw like an open ended straight and flush draw with two overs, two pair is still ahead.

    3. You want your opponent to have a strong draw to give you action. Look at the one guy with A7o that seabets… He insta folded to the flop 3bet.

    4. ​@@axelbauh7937 youre right, just wanted to say its a C-bet (continuation bet) 😉

  3. Off topic but it is crazy how much money you can make off of people from poker. You can play one night and be $500k+ if youre the best player and theyve got a lot of fk you money

    1. you have to buy in though and those games arent some backyard shed games. you have to start with the bankroll.

      you should enter the world series of poker tournament.

  4. That Erik dude has lost so much money. It’s unbelievable that he can still play the game.

    1. He’s there to promote the brand he’s grifting off. I promise you the counts run light in his casinos. 😅

    2. That’s great news, he’ll continually donate millions of dollars every year to the poker community LOL! I just think one day the shows will stop airing him because they’ll say “why do we have this clown on the show who literally never wins”? LOL!

  5. Hey does anyone know when this aired? I noticed Stanley Choi is there lol he owes millions to several high stakes players from this show and Hustler and word has it in Asia as well, he’s a swindler lol

  6. Where’s the justice? WTH does that mean? Usually someone that gets sucked out on says that not a person that sticks all their money in while practically drawing dead!

  7. Watching Person lose 100k while playing a hand absolutely horribly is the perfect way to start the day

  8. In most games you’re not supposed to be talking like that in a 3 way pot.

  9. So, Eric raises top pair shitty kicker multiway on the flop and then 4-bet jams… how rich do you have to be to piss away 100k daily and be fine?

  10. Played the player right there. Knew Persson’s ego would make him call all in.

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