2022 WSOP is HERE! World Series of Poker Tour

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2022 WSOP is HERE! World Series of Poker Tour

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  1. Can you do daily vlog similar to what DNeg is doing on YouTube? He explains his biggest hands and at end of day shows his win and loss total. Good Luck!!

  2. show all the bust outs please – gives us a better idea of your tournament success

  3. And this video is awesome!!! Thanks for showing. I can see how excited you are!!!

  4. It’s all pretty interesting. It also makes me feel ok about my poker skills when you punt. 🤣. Share it all, people can always skip ahead.

  5. I’d like to see the bust outs. I think it makes it more realistic and also see what people are jamming/calling etc.

  6. I love the content that you do all ready. But if you want to change it up, go for it I’ll be watching anyways👍 subscriber for life 🤘

  7. I love daily updates and cumulative winning/losses. Keep up the great content!

  8. Hey Ethan, i placed 50th in the housewarming. Thanks for letting me learn from you!!!

  9. I like the behind the scenes stuff. DNegs WSOP vlogs are pretty cool. He takes you behind the scenes and gives his thoughts.. and he talks about the big hands. But honestly all watch anything you put out. Goodluck 🤞

  10. hey ethan wondering what’s your diet like during your,5 week adventure is,it healthy or fast food junk love the vlog keep it up

  11. Hey Rumpage how often u do ur blogging I’m hooked on it.Learning tricks,strategies & tactics convincing guts & courage influencing how much 2 bet according 2 cards u have.I observed how u play fearlessly honestly I can’t do it.Kiddo u’re full of energy look fresh all the time like losing has no physical effect shown.Anyway good luck 4 all tournaments u’re attending keep up that energy.I’m following ur blogg,Mariano,DPolk,BOwen,Close2Broke,DNegrenue & not much with ANeeme,also some other poker bloggers.I started watching Poker After Dark long time ago now 2 many live shows poker games in Soc Media.

  12. everything, We love more content and means more cash too help recover the busts

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