2022 Channel Update for Subscribers

Here's what you can expect from now up until the 2022 VLOGS.

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2022 Channel Update for Subscribers

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Daniel! Can’t wait to see you destroying the WSOP!

  2. Vloggers, poker players, entreprenuers and people in professions where they want to get noticed and promoted, look at these lessons from Daniel ( without him saying them) .
    Work hard, work consistently, make a plan, adjust when and where needed, rinse and repeat.
    Many can have success but to have sustained success like this is very hard to do. Congrats Daniel and hope 2022 is your best year so far.

  3. You make the best online poker content…hope we get some live streams of online play!! Thank you!!

  4. Thanks for that quick update Daniel, I’ll be so looking forward to your upcoming content. Keep up the positive attitude my man!!

  5. Bine te-am găsit Daniel !!!! Minunate vesti !!! Abia aștept sa vizionez postările tale !!!

  6. Daniel, do you think you could play some microstakes cash games? I know it’d be boring, but a lot of us would have a lot to learn from it. That’s pretty much all of your audience here, so we’d have a lot to learn seeing how you play these nickle and dime games.

  7. Can’t wait, the DNegs WSOP deepstack / run begins. Best of luck from Ireland ☘️

  8. Daniel, these videos are pretty good. As a teacher of poker, you’re the best!

  9. The Wsop wouldn’t be the same without the daily vlogs from you Daniel. Thx

  10. Cant wait for the vlogs and the always endearing fantasy hockey roster moves lol

  11. hey daniel, loving the regular uploads – your positive energy brings alot of joy in my life – wishing you alot of rungood in the new year!

  12. It’d be dope if you could put your podcasts up on a platform like Spotify or Apple podcasts!!!

  13. Daniel, I got to play poker with you a few days back on Play WSOP. It was an honor and a pleasure.

  14. Huge fan love watching your video helps me become a better player keep having monster pots

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