$143,000 POT and I’m ALL-IN w/ ACES FULL! | Rampage Poker Vlog

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$143,000 POT and I'm ALL-IN w/ ACES FULL! |

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  1. Watch out Ethan. These guys are coming for your neck. They’re calling you with almost anything. You may need to play a lot tighter for awhile.

  2. Good disiplined fold on the AA. I’m not sure what I woulda done there. Tempted to call with such a dry board.

    1. True. That’s the thing about dry boards tho. Not a lot of draws mostly just value.

    2. @@raiam9286rightfully so that min click with rampage behind is just awful lmao. Should’ve been an Easy Just call for taras

  3. Doug is a specialist in VERY long games. During the 50,000 hand Negreanu grudge match he never asked for a break – not once. He considers it an edge.

    1. That’s an interesting edge that I’ve never thought of. I think I start playing worse around hour 5. Maybe I should start practicing some marathon sessions.

  4. Always a great time with you, Doug and Mariano!!! Thanx for sharing bro.
    *keep on the grind… 💪

  5. My idol.. dream journey.. I play online all the time & getting alot better. Hopefully one I can build a bankroll to sit down with you at the tables

  6. Where are you in the beginning of the video? I know that’s Boston in the background but I can’t figure out where that vantage point would be. I’ve lived in this area in my whole life!

  7. We always win when there are two Rampage uploads in a week. You’ll get em next time!

    1. Nov/Dec ads pay more than rest of the year. Most YT push more content this time of year… 🎉win for us!

  8. Decepointed you didnt post in Montréal i was on your first table at the meet up game had à blast meeting you… all the best

  9. You’ll get ‘em next time dude! Excited for more tourney vlogs, my favorite thing to watch from you by far

  10. Alex established himself as the lodge arch villian during that stream. He was amazing.

  11. bro I saw u come to Montreal but was so sad because I had work. I was so hyped but ig it’ll have to wait till next time.

  12. Only half way through and rampages play is goated, somebody has been studying 😅

    1. when you realise poker really is all about luck when you finish watching the full video 😂 “studying” 😂😂😂😂😂

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