$1,350,000 Las Vegas Poker Final Table with Nick Schulman & Jason Koon

, , , Season, , and Brian Rast fight for the $432,000 top prize at this 2022 Texas Hold 'em final table.

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    1. @John Doe I guess they’d prefer a highlight reel of all of the raise and fold hands.

  1. Seth Davies went final tables many times but haven’t seen he win ones

  2. final tables are ridiculous is just memorizing shove range tables… this means most money is made just by pure gambling

  3. This high roller circuit is weird. Schulman couldn’t even manage a fist bump for Koon after that brutal runout.

    1. Dont fist bump me when I lose a cpl hundred thousand. Buy me a beer sometime down the road.

  4. I know he’s a bit of a controversial figure but I like Sean Winter. A great gambler.

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