$12,000 Pot with QUEENS! So Much Action in High Stakes Poker! | Poker Vlog #406

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$12,000 Pot with QUEENS! So Much Action in High Stakes Poker! | Poker #406

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  1. The topic of blockers has always been funny to me. Like the first hand, holding a Q is irrelevant to blocking AQ. There are still three Queens, so holding one seems irrelevant.

    1. Being completely reliant on blockers is bad. Having a blocker doesn’t mean you should at all rule out an opponents hand. Even if you hold 2 of them.

    2. It’s a game of numbers. Blockers remove some combos so they’re important as value Vs bluff ratios change

    3. Holding a Q is absolutely not irrelevant to blocking AQ, that’s 25% of all available combos. Margins are thin in poker, anything you can do to gain a few percentage additional edge can be massive long term.

  2. Exactly what I needed this morning! Watching your journey thru the ups and downs on the felt and in life is inspiring. I needed inspiration today. Thank you sir

  3. Great read on the Queens hand.
    I like these tandem vlogger videos. You and Wolf, or Mariano playibg together always make for a fun cash vlog to watch.

  4. “Maybe we can play a big pot with a marginal hand”! You need to make a theme song out of these ridiculous lines.

  5. i really hate multiple run outs…. to me its a cop out and usually lets one player off the hook
    stop the chop!!…

  6. if we’re post flop, never agree to more than once, especially if you’re holding the nuts at that moment.

  7. Oh wow, I haven’t played at PBKC in almost fifteen years. It looks like they’re still using the same chips! 🙂

  8. Tuesday here in L.A. – I gotta make that one! Bring those Brady rcs to sell me 😈

  9. For those around Vegas, there’s a MUG tomorrow at Resorts World with Mariano from 5pm-10PM!

  10. You are a brave man with pocket QQs. Glad that it worked out.
    As the saying goes, “everyone loves a split pot”. Ya, right!

  11. Ayyyy glad u checked it out!! Glad u were able to record, I know that was an issue for u in coconut creek

  12. You are a good good guy and I hope you have fun jet setting across the country lol so enjoy your self this could be your best times in life

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