$10,000,000 at Risk! Would You Call with Top Pair?!

was among the leading gamers in the 2022 Main Event however things didn't come easy! On this hand, puts him to the test by pushing the river with simply ace-high!

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$10,000,000 at Risk! Would You Call with Top Pair?!

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    1. This issue isn’t how talented the players are. It’s the setup of the tournament in general this specific one is known for being able to take your time but is old school yes. Attenborough is an incredibly talented poker player and he is given the time to think so if no one calls clock why not take advantage of the rules to make a decision for millions?

    2. @Red Wolves1 Yes but the time man.. In the past players could ”lay their head around” in one minute instead of 8. What has happened?

    3. @Steven Wetzel Yea but it is not just this hand. It is in general they use so much time nowadays. In the past Tony G. would stand up and throw a tantrum at the guy for taking this long. 😅

    4. I hope u realize that the players that take longer to think are more skilled since they are analyzing every play of the hand and not just making and split second decision when there’s millions on the line. If u want to watch speed poker go watch a 2/5 vlogger

    1. K10 has to shove river I would believe. Such a dry board and the fact KQ calls kind of shows. However, I do agree all other KX is probably happy to check back. It’s super weighted towards K10+ or air with the flop 3bet.

  1. Pretty insane spot. It’s the standard cliche of “you only beat a bluff”. This is a tough spot even if the stakes weren’t so massive. It being what it was makes this call truly legendary

  2. Snapcall if you play a homegame, heavy decision to take after 7 12 hours days of poker in the biggest tournament, i guess i would have fold.

    1. The amount of monkeys in the comment section asking why he tank called is insane

  3. I normally am not the one to complain about how long it takes for these players to make a decision. But this was absurd, Dobric took way too long to begin with and I can give most of the time to Attenborough because it’s his tournament life. But the board is a pretty dry board, so it limits it to pocket pairs or trips really.

    1. It’s a 10k buy in with millions up too, how can u complain about the guy taking 5 minutes to think about his decision. Poker is a game of patience not speed

  4. Yes, it was a tough decision, but one minute with one minute extension is more than enough time. These clowns with their “stare down” act just derail the action and irritate the rest of the players. Use the clock and keep it fair for all involved.

    1. U realize that there’s millions on the line? Wouldn’t u take a few minutes to process the hand and make sure ur play is correct ? Oh that’s right nah u wouldn’t cause u know it’s a snap call and u also know that u gotta get up for work in the morning to go to ur job that pays 60k a year

  5. The amount of monkeys in the comment section complaining about how long he took to call is insane. There’s millions on the line and it’s day 7 or the tournament ffs u fish needa stop talking.

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