$10,000 POT-LIMIT OMAHA CHAMPIONSHIP!!! – 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog Day 33

It's another huge event today with the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Champion and the last opportunity for a significant rating before the MAIN EVENT.

0:00 Introduction
2:15 25k Dream Update
5:08 Amanda Time
10:07 Drive In
12:55 One Upper
13:57 Hand Breakdown
17:07 Difficult Area
19:27 Wrap Up

Intro Song:
Nbhd Nick – Good Die Young

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$10,000 POT-LIMIT OMAHA CHAMPIONSHIP!!! – 2022 Poker Vlog Day 33

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  1. Amanda is radiant and simply glowing and she does have a point concerning the climate, it is good and welcome to have a changing climate. Chchchummus goes best with falafel, cole-slaw & veggies. See your local Lebanese-Egyptian-Jewish food-establishment for the real deal. Good on ya taking time off. You 2s are beautiful 🎶❤️

  2. Is Eli. If Daniel had been more explicit, as Cole South was, that likely would have soured voters on putting Eli in Hall of Fame. Likely not Chino as they have had such warm interactions in previous vlogs.

  3. I played my first live PLO tournament the other day. I have played online but live is quite a bit different. Was only 30 entries but I did end up getting 3rd and made a profit. It’s a fun game

  4. Bro, thank you for reminding me of Penelopé from SNL… Went back and watched all of em and laughed like i never had seen em before. K Wigg is top 5 SnL cast ever. P.S. LFG DANIEL

  5. We’re winning the main event, party people. It’s happening. That -1 is about to turn into a +7.

  6. …..everyone has a “one upper” for a friend. How do you “one up” dnegs? 😂 “ you have only six bracelets…..” some people! Love the vlogs dnegs!

  7. Daniel. You are a great presenter, entertainer and clearly a world-class poker player. My question is when everything gets 45-55 or 55-45 ultimately you don’t really want to be flipping because at some point that’s the end of the tournament life. It sounds like you don’t put much faith in reading the opponent? I wish you all the best in the WSOP tournament and I will continue to watch your addictive vlog. I noticed that Phil Helmuth often appears random in these 45-55 type hands, which sounds like he has ‘tells’ on his opponents? Or he wants to appear psychotic 😂

  8. Like you Daniel, I also struggle with justifying my enjoying the Jersey Shore. I used to watch because it was train wreck TV. I was hooked after seeing Snookie get punched by that dude at the bar. Now I watch because I actually care about and like them all! I don’t know how I got here but I’m done apologizing for it.
    I love the WSOP this time of year!

  9. I’m right here with Phil Ivey watching Daniel’s vlog first thing in the morning.

    WHAT’S UP PHIL?? ♥️

  10. What intro music are you playing for your 2022 WSOP poker vlogs? Thanks for sharing your awesome journey.

  11. I’m a Penelope fan too! But I’ve liked her for a little longer, so I’m a little more of a fan, so… But seriously tough luck against the 3 kings. I played I had like that recently but he had 4 kings, so it affected me a little bit more, so…

  12. Why are there no stack sizes on the hand reviews? Important information! Thanks for all the uploads. Really nice to watch.

  13. You could do an hour long vlog with you and ANegs debating minor things and I’d watch! Hilarious!

  14. I really appreciate Daniel trying to pronounce things the way they’re meant to be pronounced

  15. Imagine how many tournaments you would have won or cashed in if you only took down your Christmas tree 🎄 😂

  16. Question along the line of Daniel and Amanda’s conversation: How do you pronounce LaCroix?

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