$10,000 HIGH ROLLER & Bracelet Event #16: $1,050 Secret Bounty PLO

We're back for Occasion # 16, a fun one in the $1,050 Secret Bounty PLO.

We'll be streaming for the next number of weeks from Vancouver playing the 2023 Online.

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$10,000 HIGH ROLLER & Event #16: $1,050 Secret Bounty PLO

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  1. I was sweating the last 25 minutes but i couldnt help but laufh at the last hand

  2. Dan, all the years I been watching you playing, Your style is changing. You used to play every hand, bluffing most of the time. Lol.

    1. Nobody folds anymore
      Back in the day most wouldn’t even peel turn without strong top pair

  3. At 2h and 46 min I really hope you would say : and may god have mercy on your soul 😂😂

  4. that last hand was sick running QQ into AA. then to see a Q on the flop and A on the turn. brutal!

    1. Still Daniel had the worst hand preflop so in the end it was justice, right?

    2. I mean, it’s not justice in a vacuum, AA vs QQ is not a guaranteed win, so you SHOULD win with QQ a certain percentage of hands. If you want to know if it was justice you’d have to set a scope (for the tournament, for the year, for life or whatever)@@bardo0007

  5. The last hand is how i run my whole life,not only 1 tournament 😂

  6. Just a question, when you live stream this, are you worried about guys watching you while playing?

  7. Wow, I got knocked out of the hard rock signature series the exact same way..I feel better now. Ty Daniel

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  9. Голубки в покере не уверен… Добрый посол

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