Why Lotteries Are For Suckers – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 3

In this video, Dan describes to you why he never ever purchases game. View the whole series here:
See this video till the end to learn what messages get sent out to your subconsciousness when you purchase .

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Dan Lok, a multi-millionaire and serial business owner, and a worldwide very popular author. Dan is considered the world s leading professional in web marketing and is referred to by lots of as the Millionaire Coach.

Dan s inspiring story of an immigrant-turned-multi-millionaire magnate has drawn in a worldwide following. In truth, if you Google Dan Lok, you ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages!

People are amazed by his message of success in the face of hardship, assisting them think that every dream is possible with the ideal mindset and work ethic. Dan has single handedly sparked a brand-new generation of and business-savviness, providing youth with a clear direction for success and growth.



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This video has to do with: Why Lotteries Are For Suckers – Millionaire State Of Mind Ep. 3.

Why Lotteries Are For Suckers – Ep. 3

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  1. This is good information Dan…I will be sharing this video to all of my friends. Hopefully this can elevate their consciousness

  2. This video was posted on my 20th birthday and I wish I seen it on the exact day ! Either way , this has changed my mindset for the better and I love your videos Dan ! Keep on teaching !

  3. Thank you so much Dan. You have opened my eyes,  I am learning so much from your wisdom.  You are great.  May you prosper more and more 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Sifu Dan! I am learning so much from your wisdom. You are great! Best wishes for you and for your family ! 🙂

  5. But seriously though, I get it. I think once we learn the technique of earning riches the smart way, and developing the proper mindset, it’s not only much more rewarding, but also, we are more likely to have the expertise, at that point, on how to keep it!

  6. Sifu, you sound a lot like me. No smoking, no drinking, no gambling, into your training and fitness. This is how I’ve lived my whole life. It’s no wonder why I was so compelled to joining your program!

    1. This is the life I’ve always lived in. Treat your body like a “million bucks!”

  7. Very insightful. You keep the mind clean from negativity and the focus as sharp as a katana.

  8. The aha moment for me was when Dan explained “Behaviour” communicates so much to your subconscious/yourself about wealth and money. The example of buying a lottery ticket made things really clear.

  9. this is a great talk! so many little gems you can do right now to shift your mindset.

  10. Thank you Dan for sharing these golden nuggets!

    Principle #1 – Think abundance, not scarcity.
    • if you learn how to make it, you can make it again
    • buying a lottery ticket subconsciously tells yourself that you need luck to get rich
    • i.e. most people put bills & statements on the fridge (Having Scarcity Trigger)
    • what you FOCUS on expands / Circling Money
    • i.e. put tons of cash in your drawer, see it every time you open it (Having Wealth Triggers)
    • pay statements immediately; don’t spend more than 5 mins on it (Don’t allow this to linger in your mind)
    • Book Recommendations : 1. Abundance & 2. Bold by Peter Diamandis & Steve Kotler
    • If you truly believe in abundance, make as much money as you can (It’s a gift from the Universe)

  11. Have an abundance mindset and you will prosper always. I truly enjoy all of your content. Thank you 😊

  12. Great video Sifu! Still trying to close my wife on the idea that we don’t need to buy lotto tickets.

  13. I do believe in the power of subconscious mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  14. While you were discussing Wealth Triggers I opened my drawer, took out my bills, and emptied my wallet of cash into it. That was a powerful realization.

  15. My dad plays all the time and i tell him i believe in ones own destiny. He continues to tell me everytime he buys a lottery ticket that” you cant win it if your not in it”. I still wont take the advice. I believe in dans advice!

    1. Ironic same problem, I think it´s because most people that play in the lottery do so to believe in a dream that they´ll win rather than think realistically that they´ll lose.

  16. Thank you Sifu!! My block until yesterday was that if I sell, I make people have less, as if I’m depriving them. Money circulates. If we all had a cup out of an ocean until the ocean would run off, then, we’d all have the ocean in our cups and we’ll drink it or do stuff with it, it will evaporate, tuen into clouds and rain and here we have an ocean again. Thanks for the Abundance book reccomendation. I already bought it and reading it. Thanks!!

  17. Someone said to me once…even if you were the ONLY person in the country playing the lottery, you still wouldnt win.

    “Buying lottery ticket is telling yourself, you’re not good enough on your own to make that money” that opened my eyes dan

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