How to Play Lottery in India and Make Money | International Lottery | Online Lottery | Indian Rules

How to Play Lottos in India and Earn Money|International game||Indian Rules

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In this video we will discuss about the lottos and its rules in India and remainder of the world, some of the famous International or Online Lotteries are , Euromillion, etc.
As far as Lottery game Rules in India are concerned so it is legal in 13 states in India currently and Users need to check out all the guidelines carefully prior to purchasing any lottery game as this video is for education functions just.

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and Make Money | International Lottery | | Indian Rules

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  1. *अपने हर सपने को सांसो में रखों, हर मंजिल को अपने* *बाहों में रखों, हर जीत आपकी हैं बस अपने लक्ष्य को अपनी आँखों में रखों*
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    1. तुम्हारे वीडियो में कमेंट करते हो बहुत मेहनत कर रहे हो अपने चैनल के लिए

    2. Ap ki asa or shyari kaha mile gi sune ya dekh ne apka koy page ya chanal hoto batv

  2. Thank u so much sir for this informative video. & Yes, lottery shouldn’t be banned as it is the last hope for the poor people

  3. As I understand the foreign trading for lotto thru credit card is prohibited recently as per RBI notification.

  4. Sir I am not able to deposit money from my MasterCard they suggest astropay. But it shows only INR or dollars. No Euro. How to pay. What is your mode of payment

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  5. Playing lottery sometime is good for feels me energetic & positive mind

  6. In Kerala, Lottery System by the State Govt. from the year 1962. Now, almost every day lotteries are being drawn there with number of prizes. Due to this, Kerala citizens are getting rich every day with crores, lakhs & thousands or rupees, consolation prizes. They are spreading all over India, everywhere & opening busineses at their will. Because of this their increased purchase power by leaps & bounds. Whereas, states like Telangana & other states these lotteries are banned totally, we are making livlihood with just meagre salaries & pensions. It is very difficult to meet ends. Therefore, our Indian Govt. should ban lotteries all over India or permission may be given to all states to run the lotteries. or otherwise, common man has to suffer for want of daily essential commodities, cannot offer good education to their children, family problems, medical treatment & highly impossible for common man to stay in urban areas, as all the prices are very expensive, cannot effort to stay in rental accommodation in cities.

  7. Sir, I had requested you to find out regarding email sending jobs without investment, I had applied but no reply, please I request you to kindly consider this request and let me know ASAP🙏

    1. Fraud Hai Total
      I was playing from 3 months when I asked for
      WITHDRAWL they ask me to send documents.I
      send all documents they approved my account and
      said your WITHDRAWL marked as pay and transfer
      to Bank Account but after 16 days WITHDRAWL
      reversal to lotto 247 account

      Lotto 247=U.R STATE

  8. “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything. – Napoleon Hill”,

  9. Sir, Mega Millions Or Powerball authority says ticket must be purchased from retailers or wending machine. They say we do not run any online system for people living out of America
    So how will lotto 247 will claim the price?

  10. sir, you have a lot of knowledge about online lottery, give information next,

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