Found new patterns in lotteries

Artificial intelligence has actually found new patterns in lotteries and opens more chances for gamers.

Found new patterns in lotteries

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    1. @Artificial intelligence plus lottery and how may obtain use of the program?

    2. @Robert D. Hill
      After we make a mobile application, it will automatically download previous draw and calculate future digit using this algorithm.

    3. Thank you for the response. When do you anticipate having an app available for download and use?

    4. @Robert D. Hill about 6 months. If we find funding, it will be faster.

    5. @Artificial intelligence plus lottery Okay, thankyou. I look forward to seeing and using your app in the future

  1. You can send me the software for testing I promise to share 5% of the jackpot, and I’m not going to charge you for losses.

    1. In two months, a mobile application will appear that will work according to this algorithm. You will be able to download and use.

    1. Hello,
      You’re right, there is a ball drop addiction. We spent a lot of time to correctly formulate the problem of finding a dependency. Now we are working on creating an AMS that will work according to this algorithm. We have saved your email. You are now in our paid group. Soon we will publish a new video for the whole group and will tell you how the mobile application will work.

  2. is this program available for personal use? I would like to get it. Thanks

    1. On May 1 or May 2, we will
      publish a new very interesting video with new charts that we managed
      to get over the past couple of months, be sure to watch it,

  3. Would love to see another new pattern of lottery numbers if you could show us appreciate it alot

    1. thank you for your interest in our channel. In 2-3 hours there will be a new video on our channel.

  4. Can you show us what floor the next drawing is coming from . Appreciate any help thank so much

    1. In 2-3 hours there will be a new video on our channel

  5. Have you got another function as for diving floor you have showed befor number pattern

    1. The function of moving from one floor to another is the same.

  6. I don’t understand how the numbers are divided. What does the algorithm do?

    1. Hi, We are still working on its creation, as we have not found an investor who could speed up this process. We create on our own. But we can do a service for calculating your lottery if it takes place no more than twice a week. the cost of such a service and what is needed for this, we told in our video

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