Online Blackjack Dealer Laughing at My Bad Luck! Mr Green Live Casino!

Dealer Laughing at My Bad Luck! !

Dealer Laughing at My Bad Luck! !

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    After having previously lost £180 to Janis the Blackjack Terminator at Mr Green Online Casino, I decided to return seeking vengeance. I could see he was doing his best not to laugh as my bad luck continued.

    It’s because of dealers like Janis I continue to play at Mr Green online casino and Evolution Gaming tables. The dealers are polite to the extreme and all about player experience.

    If you want to play online blackjack with a live dealer, I highly recommend Mr Green Online Casino. I never recommend live casinos I haven’t played at myself for real money.
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      That First dealer was laughing 😂 I wish you could of won every hand 🤚🏾

      At 5:21 did he call his 17 prior to flipping that 7 or am I crazy ?

  2. I don’t know why youtube recommend me this video but was really funny, this guy is very nice and has sense of humor which is very important at work. Nice video mate

    1. Since 2 years have passed did you find anything more entertaining then this?

  3. hopefully the company sees this and gives janis a raise, great guy, does a good job’

    1. gladitsnotme I thought this message was longer, and I just clicked read more 🤣

    2. @el aventador i’d play him BECAUSE he’s slow. I have more time to count cards that way. also, he seems like a nice dude.

    3. @BoulderBro999 why? counting cards with 8 decks and a cutting card is impossible. I rather have a fast dealer 1 versus 1 so i can anticipate which cards come out without any other player joining and play as much games as possible. But okay everyone has is preference ofcourse!😎

    4. @el aventador it’d actually be easy to count cards because you have a notepad at home where you could just tally everything you’ve seen so far. Hell, you could even make a program that tells you instantly how what the best chances are.

    1. @BoulderBro999 why? hah well m8 truth be told in reality we dont get the tips we can get great bonuses some times and hard work in the industry is trully rewarding but yes you are sorta correct we don’t get paid any different ever we have an hourly rate +bonuses offcourse but all n all we don’t get paid more just because we get tipped or win a lot for the Cassino or losing for the Cassino
      To put it simply it may seem kinda a job where the people are trained very skillfully but truth be told it’s less impressive than it seems xD all n all it’s just a typical job off course which is fun and rewarding. But other than that nothing more

    2. @Reinis Krustiņš ya it’s pretty fucked up that people tip the dealer and it just goes to the casino it’s like a facade. It’s the same when you go to regular casinos like Vegas and Atlantic City.

    3. @Reinis Krustiņš is being a dealer easy? I want to be a dealer while in college as like a part time job maybe

  4. I’ve watched this about 20 times now, great video! makes me smile everytime he cracks up hahahah

  5. Dude at first I thought the dealer was just a really convincing interactive AI, like you used to see in old gambling games, except he was seamless.

    Then he started laughing hysterically

  6. This makes me so happy because he looks like he’s having a great time because of you which is all that matters when you’re making the kind of salary he probably makes.

  7. I know dealers are kinda taught to be social and interactive with their players so that players would stay longer but still they’re so good people to talk with. Sometimes I join the table just to have a nice chat with the dealer.

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