Live Casino Craps Game #6

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  1. Awesome video u make some of the best … very clear and the subtitles hit the mark. Wish u could make more weekly. Thanks keep it up.

  2. watching that guys pre-roll routine is fun. little long, but fun. Awesome upload, thanks

    1. Yea it really is stupid, not only that I would be like COME ON MAN throw the dam dice already!

    2. I never bet the center unless it’s a good-bye bet for the dealers, but here anyone could have just said ‘I’m gonna put a dollar on the 12 every roll and when it hits, let it ride’, they would have been smiling by the end.

    3. Robert Caldwell I spent several years dealing dice as well and we too had a “time limit” once the dice went. I always hated the stackers, wasted time and slowed the game way down. That and the finger snappers. Just roll the damn dice.

    4. Bigga Winna Crapsa prop bets are horrible. I had a lady who use to come play at my table, she’d buy in for $100 in $1 checks and then do nothing but bet hi-lo. An annoying way to play imho but more then a few times I’d watch her hit it, parlay the bet and have it roll right back. One time it hit 3 in a row, I’m sure that’s what convinced her it was the only way to play. Like the guys trying to impress their girls who do nothing but play the field and insist with “all those numbers out there” it’s bound to!

    5. @Robert Caldwell – OMG, I’ve seen guys take twice as long, easy – it got really annoying. This guy was an amateur.

    1. Bigga Winna Crapsa in a suburb of illinois at a harrahs casino , I actually rolled for 2hrs or close to it as I remember the guy that was there i seen him again about a week ago and someone asked him about a long roll someone just rolled and he turned to me and said he rolled for 2hrs last time and I remembered his face once again he was 2 people down from me he won 7k off of me

    2. Well, sorry to say, don’t go getting any ideas, because if you did what you say you did, that’s IT for you. You will now join the rest of us and spend the rest of your life dreaming about that ‘hand’ and hoping to have another one. But TWO HOUR ‘hands’ are a once in a lifetime occurrence. My record is 45 minutes and I’ve been playing Craps for 45 years. Hey! Coincidence!

    3. Bigga Winna Crapsa thats still incredible but yeah ive had a couple 25min rolls here and there but nowhere near my 2hr roll its funny cause people were screaming and high-fiving me and i didnt realize why. The stickperson would go on break and come back and id still be shooting. I actually got all the fire bets and thr bonus tall,small, and make them all. The best part was i never crapped out. The next day i played again and i saw the supervisor guy that sits in thr chair when you shoot and he said i only seen that long of a roll 2 times in 25 years

    4. @AFO3310 No kidding in a row holy sheeit! I threw 3 hard sixes in a row at Cedar casino at foxwoods no one else was at the table. I didn’t win anything. :^ (

    5. dontswin haha maybe but i think the only reason i rolled that well was because i was so focused that day on rolling than i was actually trying to play numbers and press. I didnt get nervous at all i kept the same rhythm throughout the whole roll so thats what helped my keep shooting. I just picked em up and threw em thats all that was on my mind was grab and throw

  3. Maryland Live is a great Casino. I heard they are making a Philadelphia Live Casino soon. I hope so I live in Philly and love craps! Thanks for the great vid!

  4. Those bet handlers really have to know their stuff man. That is a lot of action and places to keep track of. Haven’t played craps in 15 years. Going to Vegas in March mostly to play poker, but I think I’m going to take $200 to the craps table and try it again.

    1. guibox3 …good luck! Try playing at the Cromwell, my favorite place to play craps on the strip.

    2. Oh cool! I will be staying at Bally’s this time around so I see on the map it is right close by! Will have to check it out!

    3. guibox3…it’s right across the street from Caesar’s, in between Bally’s and the Flamingo.

    4. WELL , Don’t play blackjack, or poker. If you call me I will show you a system that works.Never lose again , Craps is the game to make a living like i do , I;m75 years old
      trust me and be a winner, call 661-238-8103 Why would anyone play by just luck.

  5. By my count old dude at the other end of the table playing with black chips won a little over 2500 that roll and had his bets off so he got back the 2k he had in action. So over all racking over 4k in one roll is nice. Although he missed two 10s one 5 one 6 after turning his bets off. But once again he was able to save his place bets and he picked up his 500 dollar odds as well. Can’t believe no one was throwing money at crap dice with as many times he was rolling 2s and 12s.

  6. Lay the NO 5 or NO 9 are 2 of the best bets of ALL in the casino when they are the point!

  7. my brother shaking the dice like he playing yatzee i knew he was not going to go more then 7 throws. players like him im betting on the dont pass line all day

  8. Great video. What did the guy to the left of the camera mean by ‘eight and nine off the first one’ at 3:35 and what did the yellow chip mean on the chips placed on the nine? Thanks in advance.

  9. Why does the shooter never have to put chips on the table and makes bets? All he does it jack around with the dice before he picks them up.

    1. Lol I was thinking the same thing like them blacks dudes on that end never put n e thing down lol or did I see them win n e thing I’m confused

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