Live Casino Blackjack Dealer Suggests I Bet LESS! Mr Green Online Casino!

Live Dealer Suggests I Bet LESS! !

Live Dealer Suggests I Bet LESS! !

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    Final session of blackjack with Janis the Blackjack Terminator at Mr Green Online Casino. In this final part I mix it up with 3 hands and the Terminator can’t handle it, so In the end I win! DO YOU HEAR ME JANIS? … I WIN! This blackjack session was great fun, how often do you hear a blackjack dealer singing star wars. Janis is a true blackjack legend. Thanks for all the games man.

    It’s because of dealers like Janis I continue to play at Mr Green online casino and Evolution Gaming tables. The dealers are polite to the extreme and all about player experience.

    If you want to play online blackjack with a live dealer, I highly recommend Mr Green Online Casino. I never recommend live casinos I haven’t played at myself for real money.
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    18+ Please Gamble Responsibly. –

    1. lol “i besat you now i own you” he got hard under the table there for a moment 😀

    1. he is clever boy… Knows lot of things and Gangstar too. Skillz… I admired.

  2. Watched your two most populair videos, I love the janis action thank you for making my 20 minutes good.

    1. Really appreciate your time and comment. Thanks for watching.

  3. I subbed because of these videos with Janis. Hope there’ll be more of these. 🙂

    1. 🙂 hey Alex, I’ve just got a daft sense of humour so edit accordingly. Thanks for watching man.

    2. I like the sound of when he deals and clears the cards. He has a very calming voice too

    1. @MOL Evolution Gaming’s HQ is in Riga and most of their livestreams are from there

    1. @alieNusss its latvian, i live there. It is the most poular name for the elderly men – most people who were born in 30s to 00s had that name

    2. Dealers aren’t allowed to talk too much to players.

    3. He’s mostly likely romanian. Many romanians like Ianis, Irina etc work in this industry

    1. I work as a dealer and of course dealer always want the players to win not the house that is how the dealers makes money cuz they might get a tip

  4. Lmao this dealer is awesome! I just recognized him! He was my dealer a few weeks ago. Really a chill guy 🙂

  5. Janis enjoys the game with you so much that he actually seems a bit sad that he has to leave

  6. I got bummed out for a sec when that guy came over to shuffle the shoe… I thought Janis was was rotating out. I love this dude, he’s so seemingly awkward, happy and polite it just comes across as really genuine. He’s the perfect person to take all your money… omg we’ve all been duped… Janis is an evil genius!!!

  7. Whenever im feeling crap i watch Janis on your channel….Comedy gold! 😂

  8. Janis seems like a cool dude. I’ve never gambled, but I would hope the dealer would be as nice as he is.

  9. Dealer is legendary IMO. I would really enjoy playing with him. Probably keep betting when the deck is cold just to have fun. This is the type of dealer that gets high tips just for being a person.

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