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    1. They could also hire someone else who is a lot more enthused to be there.

    2. Morgan Hånell not a native English speaker. Also these jobs work long hours

  1. She’s thinking “oh damn I’m gonna be whipped for this..” why all these online dealers look like they’re being sex slaved

    1. @Avery Mauch lmao no its just so everything happens on camera and people don’t complain about cheating XD

    2. Because if you throw the card out of table what is out of sight for viewers during the live gambling then that trick can be used for cheating or for dirty tricks and scams.

  2. Please note that this was my first time playing blackjack. So you don’t have to tell me that you shouldn’t hit 14 against 5. Thanks!

  3. As a dealer, I had to laugh about it, that was the most genuine reaction to someone’s own mistake like that. XDDD

  4. Lol what a coincidence.. I was playing online blackjack.. a dealer after the shuffle tried placing the cards in the shoe .. I guess the cards were smooth or something.. they went flying all over and around the table, like a fountain 😂

    1. @Aman because for one: 5 is a bust card. And on the blackjack strategy chart it says to always stand if you have a 12 to 20 and the dealer has a 2-6

  5. She probably didn’t get fired. This is actually pretty common. I work in an actual live casino. We probably have cards hit the floor 20 times a night

    1. @sierra cook There’s hundreds of active tables at any given time, mostly during nights, so mistakes of all sorts are bound to happen.

    1. @Chicken U dumbo. How can the dealers change happen then? 😀 Its common sense that dealer doesnt get up from the seat while dealing

  6. No actually, it’s different based on every casino but at mine its max 10 mistakes a month and you dont get mistake bonus anymore, at 30 mistakes in a month you get a disciplinary report, at 2 of those they fire you. She just did 1 mistake

    1. Bruh…. if i go past 3 mistakes i dont get my bonus anymore… or dont get as much as if i would have none. And at 10, yeah i just dont get that bonus anymore. Thing is if a dealer keeps doing the same mistakes all over again for 2-3 months in a row they do get fired cuz the higher ups will think there is something suspicious going around. Hence the DR’s

    2. @Robbie its different at each casino, i heard at one called pragmatic ifyou do 13 mistakes in 3 months combined ( if you have 3 months experience) they fire you

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