Live Blackjack dealer FAILS

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Live Blackjack dealer FAILS

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  1. You can hear the despair in her voice when she realized that it didn’t scan. Throughout the whole video you can hear how scared she is. Hope everything ended up working out for her. Sure would suck for her to get fired over something like this.

    1. Considering this is probably a mexican casion do to the Spanish, getting fire is the least of her worries

    2. when u messing with 100s of dollars of peoples money u can get fired for that

  2. Wow imagine if your entire job revolved around what is basically a Tesco automated checkout machine.

  3. she scanned the 8…
    First of all, the dealers are fired due to the casino’s faulty hardware/software? How is that even legal?

    1. @Luis M I never heard her spoke Spanish so she’s likely a Filipina. Filipinos don’t speak Spanish.

    2. @Luis M she’s speaking Spanish, but that’s not a Mexican accent. It sounds like somewhere in those small countries between Mexico and Colombia. Like Costa Rica and Panama

    3. She didn’t get fired… These casinos are proper workplaces, why do you think she got fired?

    4. @Luis M stfu. Surprised no one else said this before me that’s like mad racist

    1. Grega Bolta yes it was. It was a computer problem. You can hear a beep after every card…

    2. @Grega Bolta the 5 got scanned because she got that instead of the 8 that she scanned.

    3. @Grega Bolta nope there was 4 cards scaned you can here all 4 sounds going off

    4. To be fair the scanner was faulty which started the confusion. And the supervisor who 1st came in didn’t give her proper instructions and also didn’t manage to solve the errors. So not totally her fault. The IT team behind the computers are equally at fault for not voiding the game immediately then the scan error happened.

    5. @Grega Bolta 5 was Scanned too mate but she was to fast she didint wait for the ohter dude to decide

    1. if u want roulette software …knock me

    2. Pretty sure the real problem was her continuing the game after the mistake and after her boss said it should be cancelled.

    3. This so me during work, like im a screener and when i wondered off, i always get anxious that i let someone pass without screening them.

    1. Me too, and like she just tried her best to cover up the mistake like anyone would have done if you get completely stressed out like she did. I was like “STOP MOVING THE DAMN CARDS WOMAN”…but she was too freaked out to realise.

    1. @David Esparza Then it’s the Mob, Mafia is Italian only, since Mafia means Swagger in Sicilian

  4. Poor Kristen. That 8 scanned, you can hear the beep, it just never took for some reason. She shouldn’t have continued the game at the same time, though.

    1. I don’t think the dealer understands English very well and didn’t understand the other woman when she said the game was canceled

  5. That sequence from 29 seconds on was hilarious. In the end I feel bad for her because it wasn’t her fault but I laughed quite hard.

    1. Not when it’s over seas they should’ve gave him the option too take his bet back r call

  6. Here’s the thing, yes she made a mistake but she did the right thing in calling the floor (her supervisor) for help. Being a dealer can be very nerve-wrecking guys because there is a lot to know! I know this because I am a dealer! Lol.

    1. @T There are also several dozen procedures you must follow correctly and it is not easy to learn. You literally have to be sent to a dealer school first before you can even deal. Asshat.

    2. Good job? Good pay? Would you recommend it. Even like a poker dealer too?

    3. @stratasphere5 5 definitely great pay! Just a hard environment to work in.

  7. “she forgot to scan the 8!!!” nope, it just didn’t work. shows how much he was actually paying attention

  8. Sometimes, there are just people who’s just trying to work to get money for themselves or for their family, and one inconvenient mistake rips all of it from them. I just hope she didn’t get fired.

  9. To be fair, if that 8 had scanned. She would of ended up with 11, other guy would have ended up with 15, and Sodapoppin would have ended up with 19. Other guy would of obviously hit on 15 when dealer has 11… He would of gotten the other 5 which would have given him 20. So now he has 20 and soda has 19, dealer has 11. Last card is the 10, which would have given dealer a 21. Sodapoppin was losing that bet no matter what. He’s lucky AF the pitboss refunded him, basically gifting him $500 for free. Lucky MF…

    1. @C Burkens We are all glad that you have taught us a valuable lesson today buddy. Your not the teacher assistant we deserved. You are the teacher assistant we needed. Sorry it bothered you so much 😭😭. God bless you and avhe a ownderful yad

    2. But if the other guy are not hitting, the host will bust 26. Everyone win. 15 Is not OBVIOUS HIT. To be safe you need to get A -6 which is 6 cards. And there’s still 7 cards that will bust the other guy. this is almost 50/50 for win or lose.

      Optional , i rather choose stand when i got 15 in that time than hitting .
      So it’s still 50/50. The host still ruined the game.

    3. It looks like the dealer only gets their second card after all players have completed their action. So Player 1 would have had 15 vs Dealer showing 8, and we would assume they’d hit giving him 18. Soda would still have had 19 and stand. Dealer would then receive 5 then 10 for a bust.

  10. I’m a real casino dealer. Mistakes do happen. We don’t like it. It is very awkward waiting for a supervisor.

    Have patience, we work long hours and do math the entire time. Its stressful and mentally tiring and that makes us make small mistakes. Thanks

    1. I feel bad for her, for such a small mistake it’s not only the people playing online watching, but also everyone watching this on youtube.

    2. @Luis Zuñiga is just saying people should have empathy, what you’re not getting, and why You mention “don’t feel special” and “Your shitty job” being construct workers is not better that any other job shut up

    3. Dealers have been terminated for those mistakes.

    4. @mathijs birahy The money gets refunded. But also Casinos have terminated Dealers for similar mistakes and or other violations, laws or possible criminal tampering. Poilce have arrested Dealers right from the back before after they dsealers are pulled via PitBoss and Casino Security.

  11. She had to scan all the cards like 3 times for it to register. The whole system broken.

  12. I feel so bad for her, she’s so petrified, hope she doesn’t lost her job

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