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  1. Ugh, imagine doing all the math, on the spot, and it has to be perfect.

    1. I deal roulette and that one is actually pretty easy. I can’t see the far split but the orange non value pays 134 units. The $5 value pays 294 units. Looks like there might be 3 more splits on 23/24. If so it pays 345 units.

    2. After a while it becomes pattern recognition. Calculate the units then multiply it by the dollar amount.

      When a maniac degen hammers all the bets on two it can get a little tricky.

      But yeah definitely pay attention if you’re doing a lot of splits and corners. Dealers do make mistakes.

    3. first calculate the bet i.e corner 8:1, split 17:1, straight up 35:1 in units/ chips then convert the sum (payout) into the nominal value of a chip lol

      orange won 8 chips on the corners (8×8=64) + 2 chips straight up (35×2=70) the winning sum in units = 134. say orange chips have a nominal value of $10 then the player will receive 134×$10 = $1340

      typically chip values use denominations; 1,2,5,10,25 so the dealer uses *routine* methods for converting units into cash

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    2. @DEEDS 0619 I bet you did. Maybe 22K with your little dishwashing gig, should have finished high school bud. Whatever you have to tell others to make yourself feel important I guess

  2. How do I get the original Marlboro case , I thought they changed it all to this ugly scary health thing

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