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Keep in mind to Gamble responsibly, these videos are just made to amuse you guys. I do not recommend you gamble at all because, in the long run, you will lose your . If you do decide to gamble anyways, remember to play properly.

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  1. I admire your style of play, playing with the sheets works some of the time but i think doing “stupid” plays is the way to go when you play online. Well done

  2. Screw those ppl that says plying by the book, gambling always about instinct, great win buddy, always nice to see ppl win against the casino, hope ur luck continues

    1. Going by instinct you can win more rather than playing by the book IN THE SHORT TERM, but long term it’s always better to play by book UNLESS you’re actually a good card counter.

  3. Wow wow what have I just watched seriously well done I would love to play like this £20 a hand my limit. That last hand was crazy. Congratulations 🎉

    1. @NielsRoyale card counting in 6 decks with the house using only 3 does not work

  4. not saying im the greatest blackjack player of all time but it definitely hurt watching you stand a 15 then next hand get a 6 on a 12 then the next hand after get a 8 on a 16, that’s why im a huge advocate for if you’re playing by the rules stick to em, otherwise you’re giving the casino a statistical advantage, regardless you won so congrats man happy for you

  5. When playing these online sites basic strategy doesn’t mean sh*t so many players from all over mess up the decks it’s impossible. Great game my guy won off straight gut feeling

  6. Hello everyone! I wanna thank all you new subscribers for subscribing my channel. Unfortunately right now I am not making videos, reason why I have not uploaded videos are because of my gambling addiction im recovering. Im still planing to make new gambling videos but with smaller bets, right now im looking some casino to work with, I´ve had some problems with some online casinos. Im looking forward to work with 1 casino to secure that I am playing safely and fairly. Trying to record some videos but always I just dont win and dont see any idea posting blackjack video where I lose 10 hands in a row. Wish all you the best and thanks again! -A. Madness

    1. Accept and be happy with what you have,, be proud of what you have . What you don’t have is what you didn’t deserve . Be happy with what you have and stop gambling

    2. I hope you have gotten the help you need for your gambling addiction. Wish you a long and happy life.

  7. Love how people in the comments are talking shtt about the youtuber’s playstyle. my man won over 80K in less than 20 mins and they are complaining lul, I enjoyed this so much even though I thought you made mistakes. at the end you won big and couldn’t be happier for you. Yesterday I saw an individual lose over 80K, it was painful to watch

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