The Fantasy Sports Gamble (full film) : FRONTLINE

and The delve deep into the shadowy world of dream and online wagering. With police cracking down, "The Dream Sports Gamble" traces the development of these thriving businesses and goes inside their operations at home and abroad.



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FRONTLINE is made possible by and CPB. Significant assistance is offered by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Extra support is supplied by the Park Foundation, the John and Helen Glessner Family Trust, the Ford Structure, the Wyncote Structure and Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Structure.

The Gamble (full film) : FRONTLINE

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  1. I like how they went out on a positive note. at least the guy is happier doing that than working in a cubical.

  2. I would like the NYC Prosecutor to explain to me the New York State Lottery, lottery addiction, and the NY Lottery’s advertising. Is it realistic, in regards to actually winning??

    1. It always okay if the government gets a piece of the pie. Thank god it’s legal now.

  3. Great documentary, I didn’t know anything about it before watching this.

    1. I’ve never gambled and I’ve played fantasy football for 10 plus years .

  4. 39:22 Our laws make it explicitly clear that if there is a material amount of chance, even if there is skill involved, its still gambling.

    Life in general?

  5. Also ironically. the NFL gave up it’s tax free/i,e. “not for profit” status.

    1. Or the stock market, or bitcoin, or “penny stocks,” or currency exchange, or real estate… none of that is “gambling.”

    2. Dude we get it you’re a drug addict that’s blaming corporations for your decisions. You don’t need to respond to every comment.

  6. So, I’m wondering what would happen if gambling became totally legal and unregulated in the U.S.? Does anyone believe that would lead to the total failure of U.S. civilization and government?

  7. “Nobody told me there would be more winners than losers”… are you serious? How does winning in a competition work in his mind?

  8. Learn how fantasy sports evaded laws prohibiting online gambling here:

  9. Very insightful, I never knew about any of this.

    As someone who’s in South Africa and I see how online gambling is booming, none of us have this education, and the government is happy to work with these gambling companies as long as they get the profits

    1. Sadly it’s not just South Africa that has teamed up with dailey fantasy betting sites and other sport gambling companies. China basically did the same to Macao during the nineties in order to attract more tourism, and the Turkish Prime minister during the Eighties (Türgut Özal) opened up the Western coastline of the country to developers who ended up creating quit a few casinos on the white beaches of Turkey.

  10. So essentially, when you’re winning it’s “fun” and “an investment”, but when you’re losing it’s “an addiction” and “dangerous”. Sounds about right to me.

    1. “winning” isn’t just dollar bills. The amount of time, neglecting spouse and children, loss of social life, . For every winner there are 1000 losers.

  11. One thing we can all agree on is how SICK AND TIRED we are of seeing the commercials. I’ve seen Fan Dual and Draft King commercials 1000000 times now. I will never do fantasy sports betting but I’m stuck watching ENDLESS commercials.

  12. I gotta say….when these guys defend fantasy sports by comparing it to betting on the stock market, I think they seriously have a point. Aren’t stock brokers just glorified bookies? People can bet for or AGAINST the performance of stocks, based on all kinds of insider info, and the laws are extremely fuzzy? They both use complex algorithms to predict performance on a day by day basis? Can someone explain to me how fantasy sports is different than hour by hour stock trading? For real I’m curious.

  13. The crazy thing is that all of these points seem moot today, now that sports betting is legal in so many states.

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