Matthew Berry explains his running back strategy for fantasy football | The Fantasy Show | ESPN

shares that he's planning on draft a stud running back in the first round of dream football drafts because things get dicey after the top 12 . Berry digs deep into the uncertainty of LeSean heading into the season and why it would remain in participants' benefit to target rookie .

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Matthew Berry explains his running back strategy for football | The Show | ESPN

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  1. 93.7% of his takes and advice last year were completely WRONG. You know what I’m talking about if you had a fantasy app with him putting his 2cents in.

    1. Erik Johnson I completely quit listening to him last year and won my league. Literally the worst fantasy advice. I’ll watch RedZone channel every week and trust my own instincts.

  2. I love Berry and this show. It is pathetic how ESPN makes you pay more money to watch him. They will regret this decision in wasting Matthew on ESPN+

    1. @Robby Espin just noticed that, I was looking for the fantasy show…realizing it’s on espn +. Greed just plain greed. This will backfire on them. Welp guess I’ll find my fantasy info elsewhere.

  3. After missing an entire year to injury, is anyone truly confident on him being a true tier 1 RB?

  4. Your only strategy should be “value”: take the best value available. If you decide in advance on some arbitrary strategy, you are limiting options for no good reason

  5. I’ll be taking Saquon Barkley with the first pick in my keeper league since he will be the best RB available. hoping to get Davonte Adams in the second and Jerick McKinnon in the third round.

    Keepers Deshaun Watson and Juju Smith-Schuster

  6. Get in a time machine, fast forward to the end of the season, find out who did the best, rewind to draft day and get all those players. Bam. That’s my strategy.

  7. Jordan Howard might not be used as much this year due to the offensive scheme. That’s why I think he lower. Still too low tho. He will get those TDs

  8. In PPR leagues McCaffery will be a stud, Norv Turners offense has historically had a lot of RB checkdowns.

    1. James Coldiron had him last year. Besides Alvin kamara and Hopkins he was my MVP

  9. I traded D hopkins and Diggs $48 worth for Ronald Jones and R Freeman for $0 in our dynasty. Awesome to see him single out those two!

  10. Doing it how I always do in my PPR. Elite receiver followed by elite running back then back to back receivers since my league is 3 WR instead of a flex unless another great rb is there that I can’t pass on. Had 9th pick out of 10 last year and won it all so I have to pick 10th this year which picking 8-10 is the best IMO it’s easier to make a high quality team than if you had a top pick

  11. Barkley is an exceptional player, but you have to remember that offensive line is also half of what makes a RB great. The Giants offensive line isn’t great, although they did spend a chunk of money on Nate Solder. I wouldn’t use a high pick on the RBBC they use in Seattle. That line is awful, and they have a new starter every week and they all suck. And Pete Carroll can go on passing binges and just have Wilson run around for a whole game.

  12. I can keep Zach Ertz for a 6th round pick, or Dalvin Cook for a 3rd. Is there even a question here that I should take Ertz? Keep in mind, in a keeper league, it’s almost like you everyone moves up a half round because keepers (like Kamara) who would be going in the first round are being kept for very late round prices. Kareem Hunt on a smaller scale.

  13. I got Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, and Devonta Freeman in the first 3 rounds. Hopefully it pays off

  14. I learned more in 6 minutes listening to Mathew Berry than an hour on some of these other shows

  15. The fact that fewer WRs end up successful to me highlights the fact that you should take top tier WRs first that are pretty much guaranteed to get you points because you can always get another RB that will still get you points considering a higher % of them end up in the top 20.

  16. Here’s some consistent data (non-PPR): there is about a 4 pt per week drop off between the top 9 running backs and the second 9 annually. Meanwhile that drop off is only about 2 ppw at the receiver position. Point being, if you are undecided on a rb or wr in the first round, take the rb because there are plenty of Jarvis Landrys/Michael Crabtrees that can get you 9 ppw.

  17. I got Barkley, McKinnon and RoJo. Plus Evans and Beckham Jr as receivers. Pretty happy with those picks, provided they stay injury free.

  18. Picked Mike Evans, Brandin Cooks, and Amari Cooper 1,2,3 last year and came in second to a guy that had Gurley, Elliot, and Kamara

  19. My first three picks: Rnd1: David Johnson(pick4) Rnd. 2: Christian McCaffrey(pick21), Rnd 3: Joe Mixon(pick 28)

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