How to prepare for a snake draft in fantasy football | Fantasy Football Primer

. and go over the very best techniques for snake drafts in 2019. Saquon Barkley as the very first total pick (2:11) is the easiest method to ensure a winning draft. Topics consist of: why mock drafts and different positional methods are vital (0:16), the significance of danger hostility in the early rounds (3:04), how to prepare your top two picks (3:44), theories of roster building and construction (4:46) and whether bye weeks matter (5:50).

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How to prepare for a snake draft in | Primer

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  1. Urgh with an even more depleted wr core, as great as Barkley is, dont know if I would take him number 1 rb over all.

    1. I mean it. As much as I like the fact the offense will 100% go through him, so will 100% of the defense. Dont want to draft Barkley and have a Todd Gurley 2016 season where he sucked cause the entire defense was in the box. If I knew Elliott had his contract together I pick him 100%, but because he doesnt, I might look at Alvin Kamara.

    2. Byron Doxey There laughing at you but that’s a great way too think and I couldn’t agree more. Even tho Barkley is the favorited back to go one, you don’t know if the team is good enough to put him in red zone Consistently or will they be a 3 n out team all the time. With that number one pick it’s important to big an elite back but also one in a great offense. Which is why I would go wit Zeke or Kamara wit the first pick as well

    3. @John Johnson I’m changing my #1 rb pick almost daily right now. With what I saw from Daniel Jones, not that he is great or anything but I’m a little more confident in Barkley than I was. And with Kamara, looks like they dont want to increase his volume with the coach calling him “soft.” And with Zeke contract stuff, I got Barkley #1 CMC #2. Love CMC.

  2. Saquon and Phillip Lindsay basically won me my fantasy league last year.

    1. I luckily had Patrick mahomes at the 6 round. And Lord have mercy it was game over!!!

    2. YEAH IGHT lol same he was supposed to be my backup for Matt stafford 😂

  3. Bell killed me last year. I took him 3rd overall. I still got the steal of the draft with Mahomes in one of the last rounds 😂

    1. I took david johnson and aaron rodgers and traded them for mahomes after week 1 because the dude thought Mahomes fluked it lmao

    2. I drafted LBell 1st and in the 3rd I got Freeman from atl. My free agents that saved me were Conner and Carson. Conner ran wild in the beginning and when he was hurt near the end, Carson lit it upppp. I won my league.

    1. Same. That’s what messes with your picks due to worrying about bye weeks instead the value of players

  4. But honestly how bout Kamara? No more Ingram so the thought of him scoring many tds possibly more rushing attempts around the 200s n maybe 80 receptions like idk I want to draft him first but saquan is a dog n cmc is good also for ppr but not sure who to go first

    1. CMC is the safer of the 3 honestly. He has never missed a game , plays an absurd amount , & has no competition in the backfield. Hell he steals targets from the receivers lol.

    2. Go McCaffrey. They will score more than the Giants and the Saints actually brought in Latavius Murray to play a similar role that Ingram did. They just don’t want to give Kamara more than 12-15 carries per game.

    3. Raven Woods cmc too small to be a workhorse, kamara has a good 10-15 lbs more of muscle cmc will be injured if he takes more than 15+ carries a game

  5. I got James Conner in the last round and juju in the third round so I only lost one game all year

  6. What if you don’t know the position your drafting at until 1 hour before your draft

    1. That’s why you mock from multiple positions well in advance.. you’re prepared for whatever random position you draw..

  7. I haven’t done a mock draft in years because the last time I did 1, my team sucked. And I never pay attention to people drafting around me to see what there needs are. I just pay attention to story lines, throughout the summer, whose hurt, whose having a great camp etc. I just make my own conclusions as rankings don’t really mean much either as there just a reference.

  8. #1 key: ALWAYS pick a RB who gets a lot of targets in the 1st round!!! If there’s another BIG TARGET RB available in the 2nd round, GO FOR IT! That’s my strategy. They can absolutely KILL IT in PPR leagues.

  9. Is anyone taking a chance on Gurley? He had arthritis in one knee last year that sidelined him pretty much during the postseason. Arthritis doesn’t just go away. Is he going to be effective at all???

  10. My team:
    Sony Michel
    Calvin Ridley
    Bills D

    1. I had a 10 man league
      My team
      Tom Brady
      Saquan Barkley
      David Johnson
      Adam thielen
      Julian Edelman
      Allen Robinson
      Travis kelce
      Copper kupp
      Marvin badgley
      Brown’s defense
      And I got kyler murray

  11. Our ESPN league kicked out 6 out of 8 drafters, including me, and I autopicked McCaffrey and Mixon…, I’ll take it.

    Oh yeah, and Cam, OBJ, and Theilen…..

  12. Well I got Saquan with my first pick btw I was the number 3rd draft pick then I got kelce and then in the 3rd round I got David Johnson and in the 4th I got adam thielen then Edelman and I got allen Robinson, cooper kupp, tevin Coleman, Tom Brady,

  13. I draft in 5 minutes, I love this strategy that Dopp lays out! I did none of that. As usual just wing it and fix it throughout the season.

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